Mediots or Mediacs:
Me, Me Media Idiots or Maniacs?

Also see Mass Mediacs

As the cost of humanity has two parts (cost of living and cost of lying) so does all aspects of human activity reflect this dichotomy. Knowingly or igknowantly, an idiot chooses to lie instead of to live.  When this igknowance is broadcast by the mass media, the broadcasters are deserving of the term, media idiots or mediots. Likewise with the indictment of the media distracting us to death (cost of lying) rather than educating us to live (cost of living). For this perspectives, especially in acknowlegement of the mania one sees on entertainment shows from football to NASCAR and from game shows to reality shows, the media maniacs can be simply called mediacs. Unfortunately for humanity, the dumbing down  of the medium as the message has made mediocracy a wishful thought.

Information is either creative or cancerous. It is bad when an individual is a cancerous idiot. Worse it the individual mediot who broadcasts idiotic falsehoods to misinform the viewers. Mediots should be punished for their willful or naive counter-productive, anti-solution broadcasts.

Contributing to the wholesale mediocracy of mass communication is the use of the teleprompter from which de facto automatons verbally repeat what they read with well-practiced emotional headjerks to convey an understanding of what is said. Unfortunately for viewers who do know what is reality, especially if one watches only the eyes while tuning out the rest of the head and body movement, one can see the mediot's eyes readng the teleprompter reflected in the mediot's eyes.

Teleprompters should be renamed to reflect the honesty of their use. Politicians use them in the pubic to convey a level of knowledge and expertise that does not, in fact, reside inside the politician's cranium. Thus, when it comes to formulating public policies, the smarts just aren't there. As such, teleprompters should be renamed "teleliars." With speech writers and teleprompter operators, a politician can constantly lie about how qualified he is as a public policy-maker. The proof the pudding is in the results which are simply not there: When politicians make good policy ....

News anchors and news reporters are no different than politicians when it comes to using teleprompters to convey a level of expertise that does not exist. As phoney politicians should be voted out of office so as to improve by the "hire and fire" selection process, so should mediots be punished for their telelying of information that misinforms and misdirects viewers. Brainbee for recording instances of mediots Semantic Slippage and Media) are available. One day, if humanity lives that long, mediots will be punished for pushing lying propaganda of misinformation under the principle of "freedom of the press." There is no freedom when a person by chains or lies enslaves another to a lower quality of life. Mediots are mass comm slave masters. Actually, they are the field bosses on the plantation or on the slave-capturing raids either keeping slaves in line or capturing slaves for life. Mediots and mediacs work the modern day plantation managers, the corporate myops.

Funding mediots and mediacs are the corporate myops, that is, corporation that focus on short-term income over long-term sustainability.

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