And It's Legal Essay

If you use "and it legal" then you should know that it is morally wrong. Legal laws by immoral, corrupt habitual politicians are not logical or moral. Political compromises are like agreement among thieves. A compromise is not a common promise unless it is initiates a common forward mission for the all people not just a few political friends, family or cronies. Agreements among legal elected thieves to deprivilege the many to privilege a few is not a compromise. It is legal thievery. A political compromise that does not help the common populace go forward (pro) in the mission of life is no more a compromise in fact and semantics than a thief having a profit (pro esse, forward existence) whether that thieve is a gun-toting thug on the streets or a MBA-toting thug on Wall Street. Profit-taking is an oxymoron like death taxes, an example of semantic slippage that allows a financial shellgames to relieve the gullible marks of their marks.And it's legal ... same as everyone is doing it ... slaves.

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see Rights and Freedoms: A Posteriori

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