A Posteriori Not A Priori Rights and Freedoms

Freedoms and rights are a posteriori, not a priori. That is, the final results of an action in creating or cancering time determines and quantifies freedoms vs. rights. It also determines the action's morality of more time. The timistic results underlie situational ethics.

One simple question for determining the absolute or relative value of an action as a freedom or a right is What if everyone did it? Would you rather live on an island inhabited by farmers, players, sluts, politicians or economists? Which population would have more freedom from problems of life? Which populations would want play instead of work? Which population would be time-cancers  by their action instead of a creator ... on or off an island?

As we have corrupt politicians so do we have corrupt laws: Beware of an action justified by "And, it's legal"--more than likely it is wrong and immoral, an illogical, legal law, that is, it is taking the time from one or more persons for the personal, private gain of the politically favored. The rightness or freedoms of a law is not in the ear of the beholder but in its timeliness as it grows older.

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