Half-Goddist describes people who stop questioning the nature of God. Most of the time, they accept the unquestioned God of their unquestioning parents. As a result, they have less knowledge of God than they might have which makes them less than full in their understanding of God, that is, they are half-Goddist. An amazing fact is how most Half-Goddists will not let their parents chose their marital partner but accept their parent's choice of an eternal partner.

Half-Goddist need faith according to amount of questioning that they do. The less one questions, the less one knows God, and the more one must rely on faith in choosing the solutions to life's problems. If one knows God, like God, one does not have nor need faith. Half-Goddists are examples of Ugly Igknowramuses.

Half-Goddists have an agreement among themselves: "You don't question my halving, I won't question your halving." Thus, they don't improve upon their understanding of God. The history of unquestioning half-Goddists is to attack and kill those who question their unquestioning half-truths. Half-Goddists are full-time liars.

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