Igknowance Tax ... Hidden Igknowance Taxes

Ugly Igknowramuses:
People who chose to igknow

"No! No! No!" What an important word to say to a child! What a wonderful sound common to two important words of opposite meaning but of a common ancestry: Noble and ignorant. What a wonderful pun for the truths behind a justified "No"--"Know!"

Noble is derived from "to know," for those who know the important things are noble in behavior. Oppositely, some choose to not know, that is, to be ignorant. Are igknowant people noble or ignoble?

Ignorant people can be classified in different ways like the thousands of christian denominations recognized by the US Internal Revenue Service. Despite the different classifications, the sects share certain things in common. The same with igknowramuses.

Igknowrant people are one class of people who do not do the right thing, that is, solve problems to make wrongs right. Reasons why people don't do right are

  1. Stupid--lacking the raw intellect sufficient to recognize the problems (morons)
  2. Naive--lacking the learning to recognize the problems (uneducated)
  3. Igknowant--choosing to not know or acknowledge the problem (most people)
  4. Deceitful--knowing but choosing not to solve the problem (politicians, economists, moneytheists, petrophiliacs, etc.)

One thing all igknowant people possess is that they are ugly humans. They chose to embrace beautiful lies instead of ugly truths. Ironically, ugly people are ugly because they avoid ugly truths. Like the politician kicking the can down the road, ugly people kick the truth down the road to avoid confronting it. However, igknowance is bliss ... only until the igknowed problems blitz your life.

Igknowant people are idiots for one simple reason, etymology. From Greek, a idiot is a person who has private, not general or universal values and views, that is, they igknow learning.

How does one cease to be igknowant? Question onesself. Learn to recognize the cognitive dissonance or discord when one is lying to onesself. Sort of like learning to recognize a strange noise in your car engine as a sign of a growing problem. Sense the boundary of uncomfortablness which trips you into self-defense of indefensible views or values. Laugh at your foibles when you realize them. Unknowingly defending a lie is bad but not as bad as defending a lie you know to be a lie. The latter is the mud from which hypocrisy and deceit are grown.

The following is a list of ugly people who chose to igknow questioning life so as to learn more about life. Collectively, they are why the primary moral imperative of saving life on earth will not happen.

  1. Arsonists of Humanity
  2. Chickenhawk patriots: Wave the flag while waiving their taxes.
  3. Compassionate Conservatives : Scratch the surface of a compassionate conservative and you will find a passionate hypocrite.
  4. Crack Cocaine Economists: Euphoric stimulus packages that do not last leading to more depressing conditions.
  5. Cretinists: People claiming to understand existence as " Creationism " or " Intelligent Design "
  6. DASE'rs: Dumb Anti-face Shat Eaters, aka, DooDoo Digesters
  7. DooDoo Digesters: People who compile views and values of the world based on their gut reactions.
  8. Funny Mentalists : Uneducated people claiming a higher understanding of life's fundamentals based on their gut-reactions
  9. Evilutionists: Liars who evolve a system of beliefs based on a lie which is evil.
  10. Grosse Lugers :
  11. Habitual Politicians: Election addicted politicians who are responsible for habitual problems.
  12. Illogical Aliens : People who think they are going to another place in existence when they die, a place from where no one has been documented to have return.
  13. Humpty Dumpty Hypocrites: "When I use it a word it means just what I choose it to mean--neither more nor less"
  14. Jack and Jills: All play and no politics makes Jack and Jill desperate, destitude and demised.
  15. Kill Your Mother :
  16. Miracle Hypocrites : Humpty-Dumpty definers of miracles when it suits their purposes.
  17. Moneytheists : People in different fields whose real god is money.
  18. Nobel Laureates: People acknowledged for being great CO2 sinners in killing life on earth.
  19. Petrophiliacs: "Social perversion in which civilization is misinformed, raped and destroyed for petro wealth"
  20. Prayer Addicts : People who believe, despite evidence and research to the contrary, that prayer will give them something for nothing.
  21. Pulpit Pied Pipers: Religious figures who offer the gullible something-for-nothing.
  22. Semantic Slippers : People playing with rather than working with words.
  23. Scamnuts : People who want something-for-nothing
  24. Shitty People : Why Shit Rolls Downhill
  25. Tax Idiots: Illogical voters who focus on funny numbers on funny paper instead of real time at real work for wealth.
  26. Whack-O-Mole Personalities: Robbing Peter to Pay Paul when the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.

(Personal note: Because of a functional hearing deficit that became a speech impediment had no problem with igknowance, igknowamus, etc., because at one time he gave Elmer Fudd a run for his money. To wit, "the liddle wed wabbit went wunning acwoss the wailwoad twack.")


  1. Common to the above human short-comings are laziness, fear and insecurity.
    1. Laziness: To question is to take time away from play. To question requires work. Like all work, it is often unpleasant and unfun. However, work solves problems. Working to find one's self-lies, one discovers the ugly truths that are the ugly ducklings of honest, beautiful truths.
    2. Fear: Igknowance is bliss. To seek knowledge is to approach doors behind which might be the boogeymen of one's infancy.
    3. Insecurity: To question so as to know is risk one's mental security in having been an honest person with oneself. Once one crosses the threshold of admitting one has been a self-liar--regardless of the lie's source--one is confronted with the possibility that all of one's life is a lie. Better a grosse luge that blinds onesself to all the self-lies, a grosse luge that trumps all reason, truths and questions.
  2. In Kill Your Mother , the issue of mental repression is reviewed from a personal experience of this writer. As a metaphor, it symbolizes how the ugly igknowramuses cannot universally embrace the truths they sense. The moths of their minds are attracted to the light of a burning candle until the heat of honesty drives them away.
  3. Miracles and faith go hand-in-hand. The more one knows, the more one knows that so-called miracles are instances of probability based on logical, objective and quantifiable facts. For instance, many primitive people believed (and do believe) that the sun rises rather than the earth rotates. The igknowant, the more miracles and the more faith. A constant question igknowed by miracle believers is why an all-knowing, all-powerful God would waste hours and sweat to perform a miracle when he could have in a few seconds with less effort prevented the miracle. Consider how God could have alterred the geeses' flying into Capt. Sully's plane engines which was trumpeted as the "Miracle on the Hudson." Hell, I've scared hundreds of geese away from shitting on my grass by simply yelling. And, I'm no God. At this point, many evilistic funny mentalists will say the following: "You don't get it. Afterall, God sacrificed his son for humanity ([another humanocentroselfish concoction]. His willingness to waste greater time and effort for humanity to allow and then clean up a disaster is an example of his greatness. These are miracles we mere mortals cannot hope to understand. God works in mysterious, miraculous ways. Amen." Miracles are of, by and for the faithful.
  4. 120219: Religious people are igknowant
    1. Nobel Lauretes, less than 1%
    2. Members of Academy of Science, less than 5%
    3. Agnostics/Atheist know twice as much about religion as believers, thus,
    4. The truth will set you free.
  5. 120402 In praise of being igknowant: Igknowant people are always right because part of being igknowant is never disagreeing with what another igknowant person says. Thus, an igknowant person is never contradicted. If they are contradicted, they know they have met a person who should be igknowed especially if they make reference to science, e.g., facts, data, and research.

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