Class action to sue California for the flood damage

If one understands the CO2 chemistry of climate chaos(see organic thesis and fission/fusion dynamics) and correlates with the timeline of all major historical and current droughts and floods, one sees that the fossil-fuel foolishness of drought-stricken California is causing the record floods in the U.S. Midwest and East Coast. This relationship was noted in a 1982 essay Droughts Forever which can be amended Droughts and Deluges Forever. The source of the massive CO2 plumes can be oil fields, fossil-fuel follies and forest fires. The mega Rocky Mountain fires of 2012, etc., caused the Midwest drought and downwind flooding--US Midwest Droughts.

Since numerous federal laws regulate interstate commerce and harm, victims of California-caused flooding should file a class action suit to force California to cut its fossil-fuel folly per the offered $5 million dollar ransom to reverse not only the drought but the downstream floods.

Worse than the sudden chaos of our CO2-sinning (yes, Midwesterners must share the blame for destroying our ecosystem) is the long-term food-chain destruction. Equatorial Africa which is downwind from Saudi oil fields where 7 billion cubic feet of natural gas is daily burned into CO2 has lost almost 1 million square miles of farmland in the last 30 years. The Sahara Desert has moved 200 miles southward due to the dessication from CO2-saturated Saudi plumes of burned gas. The same is happening in California. If you think food prices are suffering inflation, wait till the one-two punch of drought/deluge from rising CO2 levels.

Virginia is about to suffer the same sequence as the state's electrical power company  (Dominion Power) wants to import Pennsylvania natural gas. Burning the PA gas in VA will cause normal precipitation to be absorbed for dumping into the Atlantic Ocean. Likewise with the Keystone pipeline: Canadian petroleum will increase Gulf state droughts when not suffering from California's water deluging the landscape.

Why is humanity so self-destructive? Our leaders do what the petroleum industries want. These corporate myops abuse humanity for petro wealth. As such, they are petrophiliacs. But they and theirs cannot escape the AlphaTrifecta, that is, how rising CO2 is causing increases in autism, ADHD and Alzheimer. Rich and poor breathe the same CO2-laden air that is acidifying our water-logged bodies and causing metabolic changes, especially in the most complex biological mass, our brains.

If you would like to participate in a class action suit against California, please signup at Sue California.