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Stop Twitter IPO

The more money Twitter makes, the greater its losses. Twitter's losses are rising as percentage of revenue. Twitter has lost over $1 billion since its 2006 inception. More smoke: On October, 22, 2013, Twitter arranged a $1 billion loan. Why would a company need an emergency loan?

The first line of the graph's article stated that Twitter's IPO filing "was lodged in secret in September and disclosed to the public on Thursday night."[September 30]. "Lodged in secret" That should tell the average person something smells like smoke. Reading the rest of the article confirms it. Whew! Where are the financial firefighters? The SEC? The President? The Federal Judges?

Twitter's IPO is another example of Insiders Phooling Outsiders who are guilty of decapitalism: Wall Street has hijacked the terms and tools of capitalism to do the opposite, that is, decapitalize production and decapitate jobs. Now, the reader may say that he is not going to buy any of Twitter's IPO stock. Wrong. All of America will pay for this. If you neighbor loses his job and suffers foreclosure, you pay by virtue of your house value declining. As America continues to lose its industrial basis because of decapitalism, we all pay even if we individually financially walk on water.

If there was ever a time to yell, "The emperor has no clothes!" this is such a time!

If allowed to go through, Twitter will enrich a few by stealing billions from gullible, sports-watching American workers. As was the case with TARP (where all players, winners or losers, were paid no matter what) the description of Wall Street as Las Vegas East takes on a new meaning. In Vegas, what you lose stays in Las Vegas. On Wall Street, what you lose is rewarded with a government-approved 10-to-1 payback. This is true of Twitter that has lost $1 billion and has been authorized to decree as a fait accompli that it is worth $10 billion.

History of robbing workers' pensions

  1. In 1980
    1. Average 65-year old worker had almost $300,000 in defined corporate retirement benefits as a result of corporations investing a percentage of revenues into more plants and jobs.
    2. In 1980, the top 1% of Americans owned 20% of American wealth.
    3. Reagan/Bush initiated "ownership society" where workers thru 401ks get to own their "retirements."--also see Reagan Myths.
  2. In his administration, Bush II expanded 401ks: "Automatic enrollment is expected to boost the participation rate in 401(k) plans beyond 90 percent."
  3. In 2013
    1. Average 65-year old worker has less than $100,000 in a 401k, worth about $39,000 in 1980 dollars ... and cannot retire.
    2. The top 1% of Americans owns over 50% of American wealth.
  4. Who's Who in legal thievery:
    1. Wm. Simons, Nixon't Treasury Secretary, put up about $300,000 in a partnership to buy the second largest gift card company (Gibson). Eighteen months later, it was sold to a group of pensions from which Simon was paid some $60 million.
    2. Mormoney Romney:
      1. When Staples' stock was selling on the market for $1.30 per share, Romney said in court that he thought it was really only worth $.001 per share. Thus, Bain DeCapital received 1300 shares for each $1.30 that Staples had borrowed from Bain.
      2. Bain DeCapital bought Dunkin Donut for about $2.5 billion. Immediately, assets were hocked for the purchase price.Via IPO's and "recap dividend loans," Bain did not cook a single donut but received $3.5 billion with a remaining 58% ownership of stock in Dummkopf Donuts. Dunkin Donut TV ads are not about food sells but fool shares. Many ads on TV are not to sell products but Insiders Phooling Outsiders: IPOs!
    3. These examples are only two out of thousands of Wall Stealers who orchestrated in a few decades the transfer of an estimated $50 trillion from many Main Street workers to Wall Street players. Free enterprise? No, thief enterprise. If this is capitalism then it is capitalism for a fewer few.

If you think the Twitter IPO should be allowed, I have two bridges in Brooklyn that I will sell you for the price one.

The first lawyer to successfully file a cease-and-desist stop-order in Federal Court to stop the Twitter IPO
will receive a warrant for 40,000 lifehour credits when that timestamp is processed.
A lifehour's dollar value is the average hourly US wage.
(Timism cashflow for lifehour buyback.)

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