Democracy: Single or Double Sided

Who Controls The Voting Content?

On-line brain bees are not one-sided democracy where citizens vote for the provider's candidates, issues or questions. Humankind is beset by one-sided, half-democracy with we, the people, only deciding the last half. Importantly and underappreciated is: Whoever asks the questions controls the voting outcome. We have little input into first half of democracy compared to what we could have through on-line democracy.

One often hears how some democracies consist of the state selecting candidates with voters having the option of voting yes or no. This is the state of internet on-line voting in the year 2000. The provided content--individual, issue or item--is not prioritized by the voters but by the provider.One can vote on where a national news anchor can spend his vacation--Matt Lauer. This may solve the anchor's problems but the internet was not used to solve the voters' problems.

The preface, origin and essence of democracy is demos as in demographics: divisioning people to get a picture of the people. Democracy's origin is ascribed to Ancient Greece where to solve their common problems, the people formed "demes." From the deme, a person was chosen to "re-present" the concerns, interests and intelligence of the deme members at the next level of problem-solving. Divisioning people--demos--is the essence of democracy which demolishes problems. In some ways, good democracy is like good management, breaking up large problems into small problems manageable by more and more people.

This upward prioritization of individuals was the front-end of democracy with the backend being the ratification of issues or individuals in a general election. On-line voting has no front-end democracy camouflaged by a massive backend. Somewhat to their credit, America's two major political parties have a small front end (primaries and caucuses) with a larger rear end.

All too often in politics it is the lesser of two evils, or between tweedle-dee or twiddle dumb. In defense of crooked politicians in both major politicians, one does have to ask long before one hears the apologist answer: "But, he's my crook." A good politician is one who is not only bought but stays bought. The statement brings to mind the difference between a Republican and a Democrat: One is a thieving robber and the other is a robbing thief. NUBS

Clearly, none of the purported on-line democracies tap the intelligence and the concerns of the participants to determine the items, contents of the on-line democracy voting. Most on-line votes or forums are electronic circular files. Compared to on-line brain bee democracy, other on-line voting has no divisioning of people on the selection of the issue, item or individual. Someone with a private agenda selects the on-line public item on which people publicly vote.

As  when knowing the problem is half the solution so is setting of the questions half of the answers. If you set the questions all the time, it is only a matter of time before you get all the answers you want. Democracy? Yup, as in the vein the Deutsche Democratic Republic and Democratic Republic of North Korea. Only through and from on-line Brain Bee Forums can American and Humanity have better democracy with the axiomatic problem-solutions therefrom.

Brain Bee democracy recognizes two divisioning variables: quantity and time. Somewhere between the anarchy of the mob and the despotism of an autocrat is a number that is optimal for optimal communication of problem resolution. Seven is that best number. Somewhere between voting every minute of the day and preying every minute for the president-for-life death is voting frequently enough to weed the problems out of human existence. Some problems need daily attention, some need annual review. The benefit of brain bee democracy is that cycles of democracy can be as short as a few hours. Cycle lengths can be fine tuned based on the resolution of problems.

As a good manager knows, problems are solved by breaking them into manageable sub-problems. tap and match intellegence of the workforce.

In Richmond, Virginia, an open forum was held for establishing regional priorities. Participants were placed in small groups. So far so good. Sadly, the group leaders kept leading the discussion to certain points and topics. Sadly, the end-of-day selections were new soundbytes (RIMBY) for the old positions that the forum organizers brought to the forum.



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