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Residuals from Recruiting Accounts

Recruiting others can be very lucrative in this leverage buyout of corrupt habitual politicians. A minimum of $3 billion has been allocated for this rennaissance of American politics. Amortized over 20 years, this cost is about 50 to 70 cents per American per year. Amounts to a nice 401(k) plan for the first in who work to bring about what the politicians should be doing anyway.

On an annual basis, better democracy and capitalism should save Americans an average of $1000 in taxes and problems.

  • For each person or organization you directly recruit--a primary recruit--you receive 5 lifehour tax credits (about $65).
  • The residual for your secondary recruits is 10% (.5 lifehours/$6.50). If one of your recruits recruits an account, you a 10% residual.
  • The residual for a tertiary recruit is 1% (.05 lifehours/65 cents). Tertiaries will not be paid after the first 1,000,000 accounts.

Hopefully the following example will explain better.

Suppose  you get your church, sports club, fraternity, union or association to sign up. Further suppose that your organization is the lead organization in class. Let us suppose there are 500 similar organizations and each organization recruits 200 accounts. In the following example, you are know as the originator.The math is as follows:

  1. By recruiting his organization, the originator receives 5 lifehour credits ($65).
  2. His organization recruits 200 accounts.
    • The organization receives 200 x $65 or $13,000 in lifehour tax credits.
    • The originator receives 200 x $6.5 or $1300 in lifehour tax credits.
  3. When the 500 related organizations recruit 200 accounts, the following happens:
    • Each receive $13,000 in lifehour tax credits
    • The first organization which sponsored the other 500 will receive 500 x 200 x $6.50 in tax credits or $650,000.
    • The originator will receive 500x200x $0.65 or $65,000 in lifehour tax credits.

The following points need to be remembered in considering the above sums:

  1. This is a leverage buyout of the public policy-making process with $3 billion being allocated (amortized over 20 years) to achieve yearly savings of $280 billion through
    • better democracy and capitalism
    • replacing our corrupt board of directors (habitual politicians) with new faces with new ideas for old problems.
  2. Lifehour tax credits can be used for paying college tuition.

A  very important thing to remember: If the originating organization does not aggressively contact associated organizations, these potential organizations or their accounts may sign up independently or under some other account number. Full recruiting fees are recorded only until 5 million accounts. So, you want to recruit as quickly as possible.

Full recruiting fees and residuals are in effect only till 5,000,000 accounts are reached. Then, the signup bonus is halfed (2.5 lifehours) with only a secondary residual bonus (.25 lifehours). Thereafter, until 20 million accounts, the signup bonus is again halved (1.25 lifehours) with no secondary or tertiary residual.

How to Recruit a lot of People? Encourage Friends




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