Alex, in general, this is an introduction to a more complete overview of timism which is an essay title "Timism: The morality of more time" which explains how time is the thread in the fabric of life. It was the one I gave Alena. Will send after we finish questioning back and forth on this one. Marcia is also reviewing your questions and my answers to give me more feedback. bob

Reponses to Alex's questions on Timism Periodic Table of Existence

  1. Sufficient and diverse raw knowledge:
    1. One cannot logically define something unless one has sufficient information or the necessary information. Otherwise, one is guessing. Would you rather have a doctor who guesses because he is not trained in the knowledge of medicine or one who has the sufficient and necessary information to treat your disease over and over regardless of who the patient is? In the US, any doctor with an M.D. degree can perform any procedure. However, since most patients realize that a doctor who specializes in surgery is safer bet by which to live, people chose specialists over general practioners.
    2. Albert Einstein could not have formulated E=MC2 without he work of Faraday, Millikan, Newton and Davies among other. These physicists provided him with the sufficient and necessary information to formulate his theories. Remember, Alex, Einstein was a generally disliked lowly clerk in the Swiss Patent office in 1905 when he published his five famous papers. He was not in a lab discovering new data or information. His theory rested on the work of other people. It is highly unlikely that he could have formulated "relativity" one hundred years earlier for there was not the information by which to have different perspectives on the description that he was formulating.
    3. Likewise with timism, I could not have formulated it one hundred years ago because a lot of necessary information was not available to disprove a conclusion so that I would keep searching for the right conclusion. In undergraduate school, I recognized that Einstein had made a leap forward but that it was off-center. His not being totally right is a reason that there is another, bigger field of physicists, quantum mechanics. In formulating timism, I kept going back and forth between the two fields checking for new applications to proove out timism. For example, why do gyroscopes hang in mid-air defying gravity? Why is the temperature at the South Pole colder than the North? These are things that timism predicted which I was able to check out to see if they were true. A hundred years ago, no one had been to the south pole to measure the temperature. (As you know, Antarctica was discovered by a Russian in 1820.) It was not until 1911 that a Norwegian reach the Pole.
    4. In summary, one can only formulate an understanding, a theory, a thesis, a problem-solution to the level of one sufficient and necessary information. It is a variation of the "strings on musical instrument." One cannot compose 12-string guitar music on a 3-string instrument. You need the 12 strings to prove out (test) the 12-string music.
  2. Encompassing Values
    1. The other subtitle for timism is the "morality of more time." When one talks about morality one is usually talking about values. What one values is what one puts one's time into. You value Alena so you put time in having a good or better relationship with her. You value Alena so you put time into questioning your values and morality so as to be a man to the lady who is sweet in your heart.
    2. Most people have gut-reaction values, that is, they don't think. They just react. Who do you think will have a more moral life with better values? The person who never stops and thinks about values or the opposite. I am the opposite. And, so are you.
    3. Like understanding a problem which requires sufficient and necessary information so it is with having optimal, good values. The more one understands about what happens when one does something the less likely one will make a mistake a second time that hurts another person or hurts oneself. For instance, did you ever touch a hot stove? Bet you did not touch it again because your values expanded.
    4. Timism, a system of understanding from the bottom to the top allows one to have encompassing (full, surrounding, complete) values because timism shows where the most time can  be created for today and tomorrow.
    5. Alex, who do think would have a better conscience to do right? A person who knows or does not know science? The answer is not only simple but is in the word "conscience" which means "from science" or "with science", that is, con science. Pretty cool, I think.
  3. NUBS: Acronym for Negative Ugly Bitter Sarcasm. At times instead of put a nasty comment in the text, I put it in a separate file as part of subfolder named NUBS. Some of them are wicked and funny. For instance, in the essay on falsehopes to stop global warming, I have a NUB in which I say it would be better if people just simply pissed on their sidewalks.
  4. "Like many years ... "The periodic table credited to Dmitri Mendeleev had been sought for many years.
  5. Food chain: Food is anything that is consumed to extend the life, existence or stability of the consuming entity.
    1. With this definition, one can see how sub-atomic particles when incorporated in unstable atoms make those atoms stable. At the other end of size scale, when a black hole consumes matter, it is extending its life. The same with a lot of stars that suck up cosmic clouds. This statement is an analogy or metaphor for most people but is, when taken from the perspective of time, it is part of reality in how different levels of existence interact.
    2. In general, Alex, and this is important to remember: There are six primary levels of existence each of which is a leap in the time creation compared to the prior, lower level. Each level is in a foodchain going upwards. Food is time. Without food, an organism/entity dies. Without time, one dies. This is more than an analogy. Essential to the concept of a periodic table of existence is the creation/cancering of time which is the food for longer life. Each level manages and consumes the lower levels. The more productive or efficient an entity is, the longer it will live, that is, it will have more time.
      1. Spinbarism (physics/chemistry)
      2. Catan (metabolism/biology)
      3. Mentality (mind/psychology)
      4. Ecosnomos (economics)
      5. Politeness (politics)
      6. Morality (religion, ethics)
    3. The creation of time/food for the six levels is based on three processes: dynamic density, rivers of time and music of time.
  6. Pollution deficit: Bad choice of words. Pollution is a deficit of environmental management.
  7. Time gains: Einstein's theory says that if you go faster, time slows down for you. That is, relative to your starting point, you will live longer. By virtue of your consuming and destroying hydrocarbons as fuel to make you travel faster, you are converting some of the time in these stable moleclues into "food" for your greater existence as these molecules become  smaller, less stable molecules, CO2 and H2O.
    1. Why do I talk about food so often? Because each level of existence manages and consumes the lower levels.
      1. Fertilizers from petrochemicals (1st level of timism, physics/chemistry) is used
      2. to make plants (2nd level/biology/metabolism/Catan) grow faster and last longer to be used
      3. by other animals including man to live longer and think better (mentality) which is the original basis of
      4. economics (Greek for "home laws/management) which extended the life of a family which are the food for
      5. political systems (5th level politeness) (though some writers have said polticians use people as fodder for cannons) which survive or die based on the time creation of its people who are food for
      6. morality (6th level0.
    2. Food can be used synonymously with energy. However, is better or people to think of wanting more energy or more food? If they focus on more energy then we will have cheap fuel and no food. Is this a joke? Is it an idle intellectual argument? No. We live in a world where millions of people are starving and rioting because of food shortages. Yet, many countries (US, Canada, Britain) subsidize converting food into fuel--30% of US corn is used in making the gasoline substitute ethanol.
    3. For an "encompassing set of values" to save life on earth, people need "sufficient knowledge" to 100% define the problems. Not talking about food as food is a path to famine and starvation as is happening all over the world.
  8. Time alone: Time is the only concept in which one can explain all of existence from one concept. Aristotle tried to explain existence from his four elements: fire, wind, water and earth (if my memory serves me right). I argue that if one understands the "true" nature of time, that is, the creation or cancering of morestability or existence, then one can explain all of existence. (With more essays, you will begin to see the big picture of timism better independent of whether you draw the same conlusions as I have.)
  9. Time lost leads (Restatement): When one realizes that something is costing or wasting his time, one describes that something as problem. The loss of time leads (directs) you to saying, "This something is a problem." [Alex, does this help?] Problems are problems because they waste time. One cannot define a problem without being able to show that it is a problem because it wastes time.
  10. Reductivity: The opposite of productice.
    1. pro duce: forward leading
    2. re duce: backward leading (like retreat)
    3. In chemistry, one has "reductive"  and "oxidizing" agents based on the flow of electrons in a chemical reaction. A reductive agent loses which reduces it to a lower state while an oxidizing agent gains. (Instead of oxidizing, I would use "productive" since the oxidized agent went forward in electron count.
    4. Alex, an interesting tidbit that would be good for book on language dependency and root words: I have said that timism is value system which straddles all levels of existence. Chemistry is not only valuable to life but its Arabic/Latin root is "value." Cool
  11. Exuberant: The former chairman of the US Federal Reserve System, Alan Greenspan, describe the financial crisis as a matter of "irrational exuberance." This is a poke at "monetarists" who cause inflation.
  12. "stock markets mask a deep cancer:"
    1. There is little difference between a baby and a cancer growing in a woman's womb as it gets larger and larger until the cancer kills the woman. Likewise with the stock markets: "Are the creating or cancering wealth, time and values?"
    2. As the famous American moralist David Thoreau said, "Of course, we are busy, but what are we busy at?" The original spelling of "business" was "busyness" which was shorten to an "i" because it took less time to write an "i" instead of a "y".
    3. A million people chanting a lie faster and faster does not make it a truth. Likewise, if the volume on stock market increase does it mean things are getting better? I remember when they were worried about handling 100 million shares a day. In 2005, there was a 3 billion trading day. Does everyone trading stock produce a single ear of corn? Does more and more people gambling mean a country can gamble its way to prosperity?
    4. As is, all stock markets are forms of decapitalism, not capitalism.
  13. Necronomics:
    1. Economics comes from Greek for home or environomental (Ecos/ecology) management or laws, that is, ecos nomos. Ecos infers survival, that is, eco nomos infers laws that help one's home or environment survive better. However, like the need for the word "decapitalism" to describe the misuse of capital (stocks, bonds, money and land) to "de-capitate" jobs, so does humanity need a word that shows how are economic laws are killing us, that is, they are dead or dying laws.
    2. The word necros means dead or dying. Thus, I coined a word to describe the true dynamics rather than tolerate a semantic slippage of economics to describe the opposite. I wrote a book titled "Necronomics; The laws of the dead and dying"--you can see listed on index page of my writings.
    3. You may be familiar with the expression, "A wolf in sheeps clothing?" Since wolves are viewed as dangerous to humans, if you see a wolve in sheeps clothing, should you say, "Here, little sheepie" or yell "Wolf, wolf, wolf!" My coining new words to describe new situations is an attempt to open people's eyes to how there are a lot of wolves in sheeps' clothing: decapitalism, necronomics, pedophiliacs, etc. Alex, if humanity lies/fibs to itself about what is good and bad because we allow or tolerate semantic slippage, will we have a better world or a more problm-filled world? It is like me trying to survive in Russia with no knowledge of your language. Will I have more or fewer problems if I don't communicate honestly. It is like the translation programs that do a poor job of describing one language into another.
  14. "Not everything that can be counted counts, ..." refers to how there is a lot measuring done of things that don't count.
    1. In the 12th Century, one of the biggest debates was how to count the number of angels that stand on the head of pin.
    2. Most of today's physics research to count things is measurement of perspectives rather than the true description.
    3. In people's values, many people buy things that they cannot afford so that they will "count" in other people's opinions.
    4. In economics there is the joke that "Economist know the price of everything but the value of nothing," that is, they can count things but don't know what they are counting.
  15. Time is the essence of profits: Profit is a word that has suffered semantic slippage. Thieves and robbers don't have profits--they steal other people's time in the from of currency (time) or products. Profits only exist when a human action takes humanity forward in essence, existence or time, that is, Pro esse (forward existence). One can say that they have a profit but it is true only if one creates time. More time is more existence, pro esse.
  16. Profit is abolute in hours of life:
    1. A farmer takes a certain amount of time grow a bushel of corn regardless of whether he is paid in dollars, marks or ruble. The value of a bushel of corn is how long a person will live from eating a bushel of corn. If the the farmer, on the average, takes a day to grow a bushel of corn and the corn will keep a person alive for a month (30 days) then the profit is 29 days. The real profit is the time between the growing time and survival time.
    2. If one year he is paid $5 for a bushel of corn and the next year he is paid $10 because of inflation, has the absolute profit changed if it still takes a day to grow the bushel which feeds a person for a month? The real profit is the time savings. If the time-savings is negative then it is not a profit but is a "misfit"--recall how Capitalism is a victim of identity theft.
    3. Money or currency is a symbol of our time. The word currency  means time, e.g., Currently,[At this time],I am writing to you. If your country suffers inflation, does the profits change in real time or symbol time?
    4. Or, consider two doctors who save a person's life in two hours of time with one charging a $100 and one charging $1000. Is the absolute value of the doctors different? No, one is taking, not creating, ten times the symbols of time than the other.
    5. Which would you rather have, more absolute time or more symbol time? Would you rather live in a country where people increase their real time creation or their symbols of time? The US and the world have increasngly made their economies based on symbols (stocks, currencies, loans and mortgages) instead of real time. As a result, the time creation per capita is going backward rather than forward.
  17. They determine the theft of time: Every law, regulation or tax affects people's behavior. When politicians pass laws that let some people get more symbols of time than they create by solving time-wasting problems, the politicians are transferring wealth to the under-performers. Remember, we live in a zero-sum world. If one person gets over-paid then someone else gets underpaid. If one person is politically privileged to have more wealth than they deserve then the politicians are de-privileged, that is, the majority are deprived of their wealth which is politically transferred to the privileged few.
  18. If the participating parties in a transaction: Any business transaction involve two or more people (parties). [This use of the word "party" does not refer people drinking and having fun.] A legal contract is an agreement between two or more parties. Once again, Alex,
    1. Do you want to live in a better or a worser world?
    2. Do want people to be creators or cancers?
    3. Do you want some people to be politically privileged  while others are deprivileged?
    4. Do you want your world going forward or backward?
    5. Will our world go forward if one of the parties gets all of the profits or if all parties split the profits?
    6. In any business transaction there is a real or potential problem. If the problem-sufferer or the problem-solver does not get a fair share, one or the other will not want any more problems solved.
      1. As a problem-solver, will you work for nothing? No.
      2. When you suffer a problem that costs you an hour of wages, will you hire someone who wants your next year salary? No.
    7. In economics there is a famous first economist, Adam Smith, who talked about an invisible hand in economics. If profits are split between all parties then it is a good invisible hand. If there is no true, honest profit-sharing then there will less problem-solving and we will live in a world with more problems.
  19. It is increasingly indenture: Indenture means to be indebted, that is, to owe someone else your time and life. It is a form of "half-slavery." The current economics as necronomics and decapitalism is stealing so much that people are going in debt just to live. This is people being enslaved.
  20. Draw Paychecks: Draw means to receive. When people were paid in money, they would go to the paymaster who would count out the money on a counter in front of the worker. Once it was counted, the worker would draw (pull) the money to him like a horse drawing/dragging a wagon. This is a phrase left over to describe a person getting paid.
  21. Make up the difference: Part of being underprivileged is paying for the over-privileged people's lives. If one's national government costs an average of $1000 per year and the rich don't pay any taxes or don't pay their fair share then the underprivileged must may more than $1000. They must make up [pay] the difference that is missing because the over-privileged don't pay their fair share.  If 10% of population doesn't pay taxes then other 90% must pay the difference thus they pay $1100 instead of $1000.
  22. Einstein's theory of relativity on the factory floor:
    1. Einstein said if you speed up that your time slows down. Now, Alex, consider how this is an example of how a half-full glass is also a half-empty glass. By this, I mean, per unit of your time you cover more distance, that is, you lead forward more kilometers per hour of your time. Are you not more productive in kilometers per hour as you speed up?
    2. On the factory floor, owners, shareholders and managers want higher productivity, that is, "widgets" per hour. A person who produces 20 widgets in one hours is relatively twice as fast as the person who produces 10 widgets. Thus, the double productive factory person is like the person traveling who covers twice the distance in the same clock time. This is true whether it is the clock on board the spaceship or the clock left behind. [Herein is one of the cracks in Einstein's theory of relativity that prompted me to ask other questions.]
    3. Alex, don't you think that a theory that can apply Einstein's theory to all levels of existence beyond physics is a better theory than Einstein's theory which is used by less than 10% of physicists today? As noted in earlier papers on tiems and spinbarism, timism unites the two fields of physics that don't talk to each other.
  23. Longer workweek: Yes, it has not only happened but it has gotten worse. More and more people cannot work long enough to pay their bills which is why the US, Iceland, Ireland, Greece, Spain, etc., are going bankrupt. People and nations, under monetarism, don't have enough worktime to pay for their standard of living.
  24. Economic prejudices: Up until the early 1990's most Eastern Europe countries were prejudiced for communism. In the West, people prejudiced for "capitalism." Both economic schools of thought were engrained (taught, preached, advertised) in both sides of the Cold War as the best economic system. The Soviet Union and the West fought a lot of real and proxy wars in defence of their economic prejudices. The Soviet Union never had true communism  in my conclusion. After the first ten years it shifted to state capitalism in which the bigwigs, bureacrats and apparatchiks became new czars, boyers and kulaks. The Soviet Union collapsed because it developed a form decapitalism in which the top people were legally stealing from the middle class. That is why the US is collapsing, decapitalism. Workers don't have enough money or time to pay their bills.
    1. The connection to racism is how many people have stupid, igknowant values that they don't question to improve. If one questions, as I have, the nature and origin of capitalism (as I have), one realizes that we have the opposite, that is, decapitalism.
    2. Racism is people think they are better than other people and never questioning their values.
  25. Timism, Lifehours and decapitalism: Bad grammar. Not parallel. I should change it to "People's knowledge of timism, lifehours and decapitalism will fight a mindset ... " Mindset means a mind that is set which is unlikely to change. It a synonym for "attitude." If one has the attitude that blacks are inferior, one's mindset/attitude will prevent one from recognizing when blacks do good.
  26. Their flowering will bloom among youth unset: This convoluted, confusing sentence says something that I have expressed before. Young people are now as set in their ways and mindset as are old people.
    1. There is the cliche that one cannot teach an old dog new tricks.
    2. Recall that I want the translation team to be people in their mid-twenties so that I don't have to fight mindsets. While you don't agree with a lot of what I say, it is because it is not logical to you rather than you have 10,20,30 years in a field like physics in which I am saying you are wasting your time and our money.
    3. Young people can ask as good of questions as old people without asking questions to make their career profession look good. Young people have not yet become stuck in their mud.
    4. I don't want people to believe in timism without questioning it.
    5. With brainbees, it will be hard for a bigotry to remain a bigoty in timism. I see brainbees opening up a lot of minds.
  27. Term limits: In the US, the President has a four-year term of office with a limit of two terms. In the US Senate, a term is six-years. In the US House, there term is two years. There is no limit on the number of terms in the US Congress for either House. I believe the following three things
    1. When politicians make good policies, the polity in the polis will be polite without police.
    2. When a nation is suffering from worsening habitual problems, the only thing worse than not voting is voting for a habitual politicians.
    3. If we want new solutions to old unsolved problems, we need new faces in government.
      Elected officials in Congress should be limited, like the President, to two terms at the most. To anyone who says that term-limits would eliminate keeping a great official in office to solve problems, I have only one question: Of the 535 members of the US Congress, name one who is a great problem-solver? The US Congress has spent 15 months on a Healthcare bill that is a piece of crap.
  28. Throw out: throw away ... dispose of.
  29. Leverage buyout: When one buys a business or corporation, one can pay cash. Or, one can do what is done most often, you make a downpayment and pay off the rest from the cashflow of the business. This is a leverage buyout. It is like how you take long piece of wood to use a lever to lift something heavy with less force. With a leveraged buyout, you use a little force (money) to buy up (lift up) something bigger than you could directly lift or buy.
    1. My proposal was to give about $3 billion to the 535 Congressmen to buy their retiring so a new government could be started. Too late.
    2. By the way, the physics of a level and folcum is a restatement of Einstein's theory of relativity if you convert the dynamics into units of time which is another example of the broad application of timism.
  30. Ultimate: Best, highest ...; Penultimate means "next to the best."
  31. Democracy: semantic parts are "Divide" to "work/rule". The role of dividing up people is in both size and time.
    1. In size, there are two extremes of division: A division of one in which each person is a division, or, a mob in which there is only one division containing all people. Good management breaks up problems into manageable units. The basis of brainbees is to break up people into units of seven with higher levels of seven made from initial winners.
    2. In frequence, the division of time can be often or too little.
      1. If people stand in the voting booths are their lives then that is democracy too often.
      2. If they only get to vote once in a lifetime, that is too little.
    3. What do people vote for on ballots of individuals and issues? How to solve their common, public problems. If there are not problems, there is no reason to vote. If problems are occuring faster and faster then more elections are needed to solve the problems. No one per can solve all the problems, Alex, except you and me and I sometimes have doubts about myself LOL.
    4. When people are democratized in size and time, they have fewer problems which means they have more time for self, family and community.
  32. Re-civilization: With the whole world not populated, there is no place left to start a new civilization in response to the collapse of civilizations everywhere, New World, Old World, Asia and Africa. Since we cannot create a new civilization without lying with our words, the only option is to fix our broken civilization by "re-civilization." That is what Manheaven Project is about, retiming our institutions to solve our problems. Part of re-timing (like fixing the timing on your car's engine) is re-timing our elections via brainbees.
  33. Automatic: Brainbees are forums.
    1. They are automatic once someone has submitted their idea. At the submission deadline, the computer automatically puts people in random groups of seven.
    2. The people in the group rank the items (issues or individuals) by typing in on the email's Subject line Votes=#### and by then typing the "reply" key.
    3. When the votes come in, they are automatically counted to find winners for the next level.
    4. Each brainbee is defined by 24 variables that establish type, frequency, final winners, etc.
  34. Democratize knowledge: Alex, you democratize knowledge all the time. When you read, learn, think or translate, you are "dividing" the knowledge to find ways to make it "work" for you. I don't call the forums "brainbees" for no reason. The brainbees of timism are like the human brain as it divides information into categoies to store it.
    1. With regard to how brainbees democratize knowledge, participants are divided up to rule on their problems.
    2. With each higher level of brainbees, the information becomes better.
  35. Love is grey: True love and lifehours are based absolute time. False love when someone says they love you but won't do anything for you that takes time is like having a bunch of checks with no money in the bank account.
    1. Recall how I said some people use the world "love" like a check drawn on an empty emotional account. If two people tell you that they love you and one is willing to give you an hour a day and the other will give you two hours, which person loves you the most as measured by their sacrificing their time for you? Thus, you can measure a person's love on a scare from 0 hours a day to 24 hours a day with 0 being black and 24 being white with intervening shades of grey for the other hourly measurements of love.
    2. Would you want a wife who won't give you the time of day nor a piece of ass or a wife who will give you all time you want and all the quickies you want? Love is not black and white.
    3. As such, one can draw a parallel to Einstein's relativity in creating time. Who creates more time, a person who is not loved or a perosn who is loved? The jails and mental hospitals are full of people whose defence was that they were not loved as kids, teenagers or adults.
    4. Alex, morality of more time can be seen in the previous sentences. If a child has more true love--no words--as shown by a parent who gives time then that child is less likely to become a loser or a criminal. [Of the phrase that a "person is a loser" what is the basis of quantifying that a person is a loser. Simple, they lose rather than create time.]
    5. You may, Alex, find the objectification of love in hard units of time as destructive of "love" as an unknown emotion, that is, if you can quantify love then you have taken some mystery out of love. I don't think so. As they say of sex, "Size matters" so it is true in love. Those who can measure their love as large are better for our world than those who brag about being big lovers without any size of love, that is, people who say love without a willingness to give time have a limp dick.
  36. Claim jumping: In the US, a person can claim a piece of US Federal Land by filing a claim for the mineral rights.
    1. Usually, this is a result of the person exploring land for possible minerals, e.g., gold, silver, etc. Sometimes another person will become aware the 1st person intention to file a claim and jump ahead of the claim-finder to file a claim with the US government. Such thieves of claims are called claim jumpers.
    2. Usually, or used to be, guys would date girls in stages before they got married and had sex. There were guys who did not want to get married but they did want to have sex. Many of these guys learned that if they lied to the girl by "claiming to be in love" that they could get more sex. By claiming to to love they could jump into bed faster with less courting time.
  37. Exporting Democracy The US has claimed to be the world's best democracy which may have been true here but throughout the US history, businessmen have been the opposite of democratic in dealing with not-US people, e.g., the American Indians.  The world would be better if exported true democracy, not merely democracy in speeches.
  38. Sine qua non: Yes, indispensible ... it the US were still what it was when I was growing up. Actual Latin is "Without what naught", that is, "Without this what you have is nothing." Indispensible.
  39. Timism, the morality of more time, is a system that will create more time than any other moral system. It is an "apposition" if my memory serves me right which is like a sentence qualifier, that is, it qualifies the sentence by saying timism is the same as what was just written.
  40. Clutter cutter One of my pet phrases. Clutter is obscuring junk whether physical or mental. A cutter removes things. So, a clutter cutter is something that removes junk. Timism is a clutter cutter because it shows a lot junk in the schools of thoughts/education associated withe the six levels of existence.
  41. One of the oldest questions that one can use to determine whether one is doing right or doing wrong is this question: "What if everyone did it?"  "It" is an action.
    1. What if everyone wanted to be a rapist instead of a father?
    2. What if everyone wanted to be a gambler instead of a farmer?
    3. What if everyone wanted to play instead work?
    4. etc.
      Would the world be better?
  42. Civil trinity: The basis of civilization rests on three professions: Teachers, Police and firemen. Given the wars they have caused and encouraged, civility does not depend on religious leaders. Look around the world now at how religious leaders are encouraging war against other religions. Politicians are not part of the civil trinity. Nor are doctors. To have a civilization, you need education, security and safety of teachers, police and firemen.
  43. Victim does the time: As mayor of her little town, Sarah Palin said that rape victims should pay the cost of the rape test. Thus, the victim had to pay for the crime of which she was the victim, for one's money is the time one worked to "draw a paycheck."
  44. Time bomb: The knowledge that timism will bring to mankind will allow mankind to make greater bombs of destruction. Alex, I have for more than three decades known how to do certain things that I have not shared with others. Early on when I experimented with timism (I had personal research lab that I se up with drug money.), I prooved out certain things to my satisfation. Then I sold the equipment and burned up notes. An example, if one thinks of light as a linear phenomenon rather than a spinning speed, one will not be able "finesse fusion" for cheap energy. Alex, the next leap in energy production will be fusion. You will buy a car with enough fuel to drive a million miles. That same car, if rigge to explosion would blow up most of downtown Richmond. Now, I ask you, Alex, do think mankind has been smart in handling the knowleged of atomic fission? No, anyone would give humanity the keys to a greater bomb should be shot. Only, Alex, better democracy and better capitalism can manage "finessed fusion." In other words, I have known for a long-time certain things the others would love to know. Some I have forgotten. I had hope to leave my special "knowledge" to the world after I died. But with global dying and the primary moral imperative, I don't have the luxury of thinking and dying with the world igknowant of my knowledge. To survive, I must share. And, I want to share through the Manheaven Commission.
  45. Cheap Mortality: Alex, Alex, Alex, think. You can figure it out. It is the glass half-full, half-empty. I won't tell you. But when you know, you will tell me. And, you will keep it  to yourself if you do the long-term calculus of sharing some knowledge.
  46. Counting: See above.
  47. Lord of the Rings? Yes.
  48. "Hellova sutra fur das glasperlensipiel," to wit, "Timism is one hell of a thread for the glassbead game."
  49. Herman Hesse, a German existential writer who received the Noble Literature prize, wrote a number of great books which I read repeatedly in my twenties. My favorite was "Magister Ludi," also title "the Glassbead Game" (das glasperlensiel). In this book, Hesse outline an educational hierarchy at the top which were ten "ludis" (great teachers) above whom was the "master" or "magister." The responsibility of those at the top were to establish an educational curriculum that was uniform and integregated. Essential to this uniform integration was an intellectual exercise or game in which the unity of existence was presented for others to appreciate by showing the common pattern in all things. It is like a multi-lingual person who can shift between a dozen languages while talking. I view timism as an example of a glassbead game with me being its Magister Ludi.
  50. As to my engaging in some personal metaphysical intoxication with referencs to Lord of the Ring and Magister Ludi, ultimately one should write for onesself, especially if one is blazing a new path to a higher understanding of existence and life.
    1. If I write for some average person somewhere then I am not writing for a higher plane. One cannot write for everyone. One must choose someone. I chose to write for myself so that I can understand more.
    2. Alex, if it were not for the primary moral imperative of saving life on earth, I would not be sharing what I write for myself. I would be writing solely for myself as I would spend more time on learning more raw information to weave into the theory of timism. Sometimes, I throw stuff out "egotistic comments" to prompt people to think more broadly about timism as I make a comment about myself.
    3. For instance, Alex, I don't know everything and I don't know how to save the world, but I am the only person alive who knows how to save life on earth. If you continue your path of learning timism, you will increasingly recognize that the previous sentence is a truth.
    4. Also, as you learn more about timism, you will recognize more gravely/seriously/sadly that my conclusion about population collapse by 2015 when nine out of ten people will be dead. This Depopulation will not be pretty like a person lying in a casket at a funeral home. It will the ugly suffering of starvation, riots, terrorism, and war with bodies rotting in streets because there are not enough people to bury them and because people long before ate their dogs, cats and rats for supper, scavengers that would eat the bodies.
    5. Pause for a moment, Alex, and think about family and friends. Only one in ten will be alive. If we succeed in converting timism into the Manheaven Project, the number of people alive will be about the same, but you will have the power of choosing some people to remain alive because of your role in giving birth to timism.

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