Advantages I have

  1. Can type better than average without wasting any thoughts on where my fingers are as they record for endless communication whatever crosses my mind and the keyboard.
  2. Understand the common force of existence. I neither care nor dare to bare or share. Timism is merely a common, current concept, not the truth.
  3. Have fewer discoverable and undiscoverable hidden agendas than the average person so my thinking is less politically polluted with factors irrelevant to problem understanding.
  4. Once was smart enough to watch myself think, that is, initiate out of body experiences. Now only can recall but not redo.
  5. Understand the unity of mind and meal for optimal memory and motivation.
  6. Had classical mystical experiences which merely shows the luck of all of this.
  7. I minimize distractions so quality of thought is more focused on issues.
  8. Know the resolution of two dualities
  9. I know how to get the most out of nothing. A great nigger rigger .
  10. Attention Span Master
  11. Eintime
  12. Pretty Darn Good I Be
  13. Purist Problem-Solver
  14. I Question and Live the Answers.


  1. I waste far less time than the public policy makers that don't know how to type let alone how to program a computer or a VCR.
  2. Computer logic imposes a logic and clarity that is missing in those who like to use the same word for more than one idea or use several words for the same idea. Semantic slippage underlies substance stealing.
  3. Provide new perspective on old problems.
  4. Micro managing without being a micromind.

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