Quest to Question

Anyone who has written

  1. a term paper in high school,
  2. a thesis for college,
  3. a dissertation for a doctorate, or,
  4. a book for publication,

will recognize that a lot of questioning and re-questioning has gone into the morality of more time. Lost is the count of beautiful lies stepped on by following the directions of an ugly truth.

Nowhere has the questioning been more intense, vigorous and redundant than the double alphabet solutions , an a prior Geo. C. Marshall Victory Plan to fulfill the primary moral imperative of saving life on earth. The price of my vision made pro-mission is also the means--better democracy and better capitalism. Without them, it is a waste of time to share a prescription with a patient who will not observe what the doctor orders.

The quest to question is the greatest quest of all, the holy grail of becoming wholly whole. In breaking through the beautiful lies of youth nurtured by igknowant elders, one finds a freedom, happiness and richness greater than all the gold in the world. Once one has the material security of basic needs, to seek further material needs is to throw away freedom, independence and happiness, that is, one is an imprisoned creature of one's wants, waste and lies. One is a slave once one chains the mind to the greed of others seeking to control one's time and money. Sad are the people enslaved to wanting the unnecessary. They suffer jobs they hate ... numbed from the pain of the rat race by the fleeting symbols of happiness they receive after they cry, "I hate my job, pay me more."


  1. It is the knowledge, not faith, that questioning improves one's knowledge is an important reason why I prefer criticism over compliments. The latter does not tell me anything that I don't already know or, worse tells me something that is a lie. Likewise, but oppositely, criticism prompts one to question whether one is wrong. Therein, if one appreciates the lifelong benefits of criticism, are clues to improve one's own life if the criticism is valid or improve mal-speakers if the criticism is invalid. With the laughter, one should not get angry but offer to pay the misperceiver or deceiver a fee for the entertainment. A greater fee should be paid to the critic who edifies one to a higher understanding of universal life or one's life. 101112
  2. In times of worsening problems, it is no time for complacency but for confrontation.
  3. Lemons often become lemonade without one initially realizing how a sour experience becomes an ever sweeter event. Imbued with a hearing and speech deficit forced this person to stop and question what he heard and how to speech. The former instilled an automatic questioning as well as finding alternative meanings to what another person said. Sometimes these alternative meanings were seeds that grew great thoughts. Or, as more of the case, the source of many bad puns, e.g., green jobs are groan jobs because of overpopulation from groin jobs.
  4. A commitment to continually and consistently questioning one's values over any value regardless of its personal benefit is like the commitment to the democratic process over any political party or candidate. If one does not question then one will suffer from one's self-imposed igknowrance. Likewise with demeaning the democratic process, one will suffer the ills of despotism.
  5. "What if everyone did it?" a general, universal quantifier/qualifier of an action's morality, aka, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."
  6. I have spent my life asking questions and following the answers to ask more questions.

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