DIBs: Deserted Island Bob

"They call me, Mr. Dibs"

This writer is known as a good problem-solver for having come up with many simple solutions. A lot of his problem-solving comes from timistic analysis  and acupuncture morality. Perhaps the best and simplest accolade acknowledging this quality was

issued the same nickname for me without any prompting by me or knowledge of the other. The second time I received this title, it was amusing. The third time was eerie. In all three cases, the individuals said that if they had to go to a deserted island and had to take one person, it would be me, DIBs, Deserted Island Bob. As a DIBS, I am fulfilling the meaning of life, that is, being a problem-solving time-creator.

Self-Reminders: I miss my bracelet ... Hats Make the Man

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