In being a universal time-creating problem-solver, one is fulfilling the meaning of life.

Simple Solutions Using Existing Resources

The King's daughter never cried, always laughed at misfortunes, deaths and funerals.
After spending a fortune on shrinks and finks, His cook sat her down to peel onions.

"They call me, Mr. Dibs"

In general, you can only solve a problem if you accurately define it and prescribe a solution that does not introduce any irrelevant factors--see Problem Solving 4-Steps. Full cradle-to-grave diagnosis needs to observe the calculus of morality, that is, the saving of time in solving a problem must not be for a Kodak moment but forever. An example is politicians saying we can't act to stop global warming because it will hurt our economies and cost jobs. Huh? The morality reality of more time is that the time costs of global warming already exceeds the time savings of fossil fuels (see timistic analysis) with these time costs whittling away the value of jobs until the worker has no job. Said another way, fossil fuels are not a time creator but a time cancer despite the pretty faces of the petrophiliacs proclaiming salvation from the oil industry.

Political solutions with hidden re-election agendas don't solve problems because politicians introduce inrelevant factors in proposing problems and defining solutions (legislation vs. legalization). Quite often through semantic slippage , politicians prioritize and obscure problems with symbols. When a nation is sinking under the expanding weight of unsolved habitual problems, it is because the nation has habitual politicians, e.g., King George III, instead of better democracy. The latter comprised the Declaration of Independence and the 1787 U.S. Constitution.

Why timisitc solutions are consistently cheaper in time and money than most solutions:

  1. Analyze problems in time not money. Whereas Bob Woodward's Deepthroat of Watergate fame said, "Follow the money," the better investigative tool is follow the time which includes not only follow the money but follow the motive.
  2. Apply the primary process of evolution--survival of the most time-creative--to select a solution.
  3. By following the time in solving problems rather than the money or motive, one will have the most cost-efficient solution in the substance of wealth, human time--the morality of more time using Fourier transforms on all six levels of existence. The cost and the solution of problems in human time is an immutable, absolute, universal constant regardless of the century or nation and regardless of the symbols of time.
  4. The human 365 24/7 is practically the same everywhere since the beginning of  human history. If one analyzes problems in symbols, one will have symbollic solutions that are not worth the words that describe the solution, that is, the solution continues to waste time while the words are just words. Too often, symbolic solutions are saltwater solutions, that is, people thirsting for problem solutions are given saltwater which temporarily solves the problems only to initiate an exacerbation of the problem. Many people readily want liquids to extinguish the fires consuming their lives only to find the habitual politicians and selfish petrophiliacs are offering gasoline for the existential fires consuming life on earth.
  5. Mirroring the politicians bringing irrelevant factors into the problem-solving process is the misuse of faith . Faith should be used only when reason and logic fail. Faith should not be used as a substitute for facts. Fiction or faith does not solve a problem. Faith can provided fortitude as one searches for a factual solution. While it is purported that faith can move a mountain, no documented example is available for public review. Such claims of faith are simply self-lies for insecurities or public relations for more extracting more tithes.
  6. The following past, present and future solutions of this timist are based on saving and creating time by solving effectively and efficiently solving problems.
  7. Compared to the Standard Model  in physics, the simple model of spinbarism deserves it's parsimnious name.
  8. The most important achievement of timism is the brainbee from which all the other parts could be elucidated by others by finding their Einstein Moments. Originally finished in 1989, it is written in BASIC, the simplest of computer programming languages.

(Time cost per hour saved/created/enjoyed is average hourly wage divided clock time of savings. See Time Cost per hour )

Past Simple Solutions
Problem Simple Solution
Concrete Protective Concrete Coatings
Boring H.S. Assemblies Banner Boy to the rescue
Currency/Monetarism Lifehours ... Monetarism is dead
Elections Brainbees ... Zero-cost primaries
Entertainment Reading ... no Wasto Ergo Sum
Cold Killer Hot sauce and OJ
Staying Warm Baby Chicken Solutions :
Living Cheap Homeless in the Twin Cities
Payroll TouchTone Manager
Printers Ich Bin Ein Printer
Sock Chaos Sock Orgamizer
Travel Around the world in 30 days
Voting Votetime
Lan On The Cheap Laugh if you want
Food Production   Bamboo tools
Where's the diamond? Diamond Click

Note: The simple timistic solutions by this DIBS are available for a cost which is both means and the ends:  Better Democracy and Better Capitalism. Most of the solutions were formulated in four books on reforms written before this thinker became concerned about global warming which has become global dying.
Future Simple Solutions: Double Alphabet Solutions
  1. Reform Books 1981
  2. Dreadnought or Nought
  3. Overview Retiming
  4. Impediments
  5. Optimal Retiming
  6. Overview New Forms
  7. History Debt Retime
  8. Tools of Timism
  9. Monetarism
Problem Future Simple Solution:
Assets Re-Assignment Re-timing
Bastard Stock Option s Re-timing
Bitch Bonds Re-timing
Burn, Baby, Burn Home heating ... Swimming Pools
Disasters Elementary Democracy
Education Self-timing (my record)
Food Shortages Elementary Food Distribution (editidea)
Flooding Jersey Mulberries and Mulberry Dikes
Government Elementary Democracy ... Constitutional Convention
Healthcare Community Based and Community Service
Home heating Solar Shades ... Solar Pools ... Inflatable storm windows
Insurance Retiming
Loans, Foreclosures Retiming Home, Auto, Credit Card, and Student Loans
Primary Moral Imperative Manheaven Project
Mass Transit E Pluribus Onus: Local and Long distance
Pension Retiming
Riots Stoppers
Tax reform Re-time and real time
Unemployment 24 in 4
Voting Cost and Fraud VoteTime
Wall Street Decapitalism Three simple rules for true, real, literal capitalism.

Special Solutions to Special Problems:

  1. Simple Iraqi Peace Plan: Seize all power and water stations. Turn off both until there is a day without bombings or killings. The next day that there is a bombing turn off. Escalate length of turnoff by a day each time there is a new bombing.
  2. Toyota gas pedal sticking: Short-term solution-- Turn off key or put the car in neutral.
  3. BP's Gulf of Mexico Oil spill, April 2010: Told a neighbor the next day after the spill that the simple immediate solution was an inverted funnel attached to pipe for pumping to oil tanker. When the "containment dome" was announced, my chuckle was matched with "Why hadn't the petrophiliacs had a "tinker toy" 4-section generic dome ready for global delivery by C-130 Hercules or faster plane? Helicoptered from a nearby airport or field, the bouyant secions could be bolted together on-site. Instead of millions of gallons of polluting crude, the environmental impact would be much less. The US military should build and store several of these "tinker toys" around the world for quick delivery at a nominal cost.
  4. Purchased dehumidifier for $300 ... year later stops working ... disassembling revealed fan/blower rubbing against housing ... inserting washer stopped rubbing, dehumidifier worked ... following year, dehumifier stopped working ... fan/blower found not to be spinning ... washer was working for no rubbing was not present ... disassembling motor revealed amature moving with great resistance ... oiled bearing resulted in rapid, easy spinning of amature ... reassembled with humidifier working once again ... if I had not been a dibber, I'd be out of a few more hundred dollars in repair or replacement instead of a couple of hours ... next time, I will know to check the bearing first (or see if I can buy a replacement).
  5. Slice your spam in the can.
  6. Cutting tree cutting costs

Special recognition for great time-creaters, that is, people who keep trying to solve problems despite being under-trained, under-rewarded and under-respected: Nigger Riggers . If you think I am a great problem-solver, call me a nigger .

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