(Please note that TouchTone Manager was developed when the TouchTone Phone was the epitome of telecommunication in most homes before the age of telecomputation of the internet. Like the 1992 advertisement for Ross Perot Presidential campaign, it contains the elements of the Whole Plan. The first brainbee was conducted on a TouchTone phone in 1989.)

A LAN-based management/accounting system was developed in the 1980's, Managing Without Managers, with the goal of implementing within the workplace the priniciples of better democracy and capitalism. With a small amount of effort, the system was adapted in the early 1990's so that the common credit card machine or touch-tone phone became an interface to use it. The system was installed in eight businesses for beta testing.

Efforts to raise funding met with failure. One presidential candidate shelved the proposal: Perot. One venture fund stated, "We are going to develop a payroll system without yours, for we have not signed any papers to prevent disclosure." Today, PT is the largest independent payroll processor.

As noted in Managing Without Managers, the goal of the corporate entity (AESOP) was to create the American Employee Stock Ownership Plan as a nationwide chain of employee-managed information centers. After for-profit hours, the interlocking, for-profit LANs would be provided for the public to use for on-line democracy--brain bees. The actual first on-line brain bee was processed through Touch-Tone Manager in the early 1990's. The prioritized--"democratized"--winner was a high school student, Miev Va Heak.

The potential of Touch-Tone Manager and Managing without Managers came to naught. The losses of a fire were compounded employees not using the latter while I was searching for funding. A decade before the dotbomb of the NASDAQ dotcoms, I experienced a high-tech collapse--bankruptcy. Long-before the bankruptcy, the whole system was offered gratis to the leading independent politician, Ross Perot.

For half a decade, a decade, I awoke each morning depressed because I knew what I had done.


  1. 081208: Ensures fairpayment, reduces overpayment, boom/bust cycles. Key to boom is inflationary income, people being overpaid.

  2. 100705: Also see Lifehours or Deathhours

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