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"We must have no tinkering! No pandering to sentiment! No regard for susceptibilities. No pity for anyone! We must have the Scheme! The Whole Scheme! And nothing but the Scheme!!!" Admiral John Arbuthnot Fisher, First Sea Lord, British Admiralty, 1904.

Whole Plan: Dreadnought or Dread All!

In the early 1900's after his appointment as First Sea Lord, "Jackie" immediately presented a plan to reform the British Navy with better ships, training, supplies and strategy.

  1. Few military reformers can be credited with innovating so many lasting changes: dreadnoughts, battle cruisers, destroyers and torpedoes.
  2. His training reforms included more meritocracy to replace naval commissions based on one's nobility or seniority, aka, nepotism and senility
  3. He improved supplies so a ship's living conditions were better. Weevil-laden hard biscuits were replaced with fresh bread baked daily.
  4. Strategically, he scrapped hundreds of obsolete "too little, too slow" ships that were stationed in small distant ports because they could not contribute to major conflicts. As he said, if you are everywhere then you are nowhere. (Which is like  "If everyone is your friend then you have no friends nor are you a friend to anyone.")

When Fisher presented his multi-part plan, he stated with an unequivocal imperative, "The whole plan or nothing."

Says Mother Nature, God's accountant on earth,
Of the primary moral imperative,
The whole plan or go to hell.

In reviewing the listed subplans of the whole plan, recognize that the plan is based on a unified system of analysis--timism--that reveals the logic of life independently pure of human lies, wants, waste and greed. The latter human limitations severely twisted and corrupted each new illogical legal law. Our garbage-dump policy-making has eviluted the existing Fossil Politics which the whole plan is designed to replaced. Your choice: Unity and hope or disunity and chaos. The only solution is optimal democracy and capitalism.
The Whole Plan or No Plan
Use the tools of timism for the morality of more time by re-timing lifesaving busyness and de-timing life-killing activities.
Primary, Individual Reforms (brainbee)
Workweek Use Touch-Tone Manager to adjust workweek length for full employment. Either we share job time or jobless crime. Either we let all work for themselves or some of us will work for others.
Debt Universal debt refinancing into lifehours--zero interest, inflation adjusted--Home, car, credit card, student, corporate and bonds.
Profitable Payoff 50% of income beyond cost of basic life needs goes to lifehour debt repayment.
Healthcare Community Service earning lifehours pays for lifesaving services.
Self-Disgust There are no victims, only deniers of their guilt and blame for their plight.

Secondary, Political Reforms
Constitutional Convention If we can shop from home via the internet then we can self-govern from home including holding a Constitutional Convention to promote better democracy and capitalism.
Paradigm Shift Politics Instead of paying candidates, get paid yourself.
Lifesaving Democracy Re-timing human public policy-making to save life on earth.
Elementary Politeness The basic building block for electing re-presentors to fossil politics as a step to implementing the lifesaving democracy of the Manheaven Project.
Election Use brainbees for zero-cost primaries for a paradigm shift with your being paid to be involved in politics.
Votetime Honest, verifiable, inexpensive and efficient voting.
TaxRetime Implement: product transaction tax ... Profit-Splitting Taxation ... Paygo

Tertiary, Economic Reforms
Capitalism Retime Eliminate decapitalism, bastard stock options and IPO's.
Education Implement on-line coursework and testing for most didactic instruction.
Pensions Simplify pensions into lifehours with profitable investment per level rights.
InsureReTime Cut cost by 50% with a Lloyds of London model to re-create the original Blue Cross/Blue Shield trust funds
FoodReTime Riots or Rations: The building block for saving life on earth
Currency Replace dysfunctional symbols with an honest time-based currency united with the current lifehour value of an economy's wage-earner.

Manheaven Necessities
Controlled Depopulation The alternative is chaotic depopulation with an end to life on earth.
Trump Card Any action that saves life on earth--the primary moral imperative--trumps any other action or law.

1992 Published Summary

Brainbee for Whole Plan

The most important and primary re-timing is food. People can live without healthcare, jobs, clothes and shelter. The cannot live without food. They riot and kill for food.

FoodReTime is the common building block for peacefully initiating better democracy and capitalism into fossil politics upon which to then build lifesaving democracy to save life on earth. Without FoodReTime, we cannot provide the needed hope for people to remain logical in the face of worsening problems. FoodReTime is the basis of defining an honest currency based on the cost of living, that is, the hours of life needed to acquire the necessities of life. Without an honest currency, fulfilling the primary moral imperative of saving life on earth is an empty hope.

If humanity will not embrace the tools of timism for better democracy and capitalism to save life on earth (the primary moral imperative) then this writer has better things to do than waste his time on selfish, self-centered, self-lying, and self-destructive people--humanocentroselfish fools.  The timistic armadas of flotillas with lifeboats to brave the stormy seas in seeking a safe harbor are not tinker toys to be pulled apart by habitual politicians and ugly igknowramuses. The armadas and flotillas are to be launched in sequence based on humanity rising to support each launch. If no support then no final simple solutions to the global dying of rising greenhouse gases--see I don't know everything, but .... In other words, this timist will work on saving life on earth but will play no part in half-wit, half-ass, scumnut ,  "too-little, too-late" falsehopes. The whole plan meets the Requirements For Success in fulfilling the primary moral imperative of saving life on earth.

This whole plan fulfills the four-steps of solving a problem. It is like finding a cure to a cancer, in this case, the death of life on earth. The whole plan

  1. describes the causes (global dying, decapitalism, despotism),
  2. prescribes a solution (Manheaven Project based on better democracy, capitalism and disgust),
  3. organizes problems solvers (, and,
  4. motivates the problem-solvers(lifehours).

Please recognize that the whole plan has evolved out of reform writings of the late 1970's and early 1980's. The whole plan has been subjected to the double alphabet solution of solving a problem. The focus of the problem has shifted from implementing better democracy and capitalism to solve political and economic problems to saving life on earth. Once the whole plan was a vision. Now it is a necessity.

The essence of the plan is eliminating the CO2 sinning cost of lying  jobs by correspondingly reducing the workweek in the cost of living jobs. Essential is across-the-board re-timing of essential institutions while de-timing the non-essential. In particular, all loans need to re-timed in lifehours with repayment by individuals or non-individuals based on Profitable debt payoff: a deduction for food allotment with the balance of income divided between debt repayment and personal buying power. No where is the promise of a lifehour currency more needed nor more fulfilling than in saving life on earth. Without symbolic lifehours united to the substance of our lifehours to improve the value of both, our hours of life will be worth less and less as global dying kills all life on earth. The whole plan or dread all. 

But, is it Too little, too late? Have we not only passed the tipping point but have we also, sadly, passed the recovery point. If not the latter, is it the case of what needs to be done will not be done? Do we have too many Jack and Jills to fulfill the primary moral imperative of saving life on earth?

Again, my price: The whole plan based on better democracy, capitalism and disgust which will be affirmed by launching successive armadas based on the number of supporters .

Admiral Fisher's boss, Winston Churchill, the Lord of Admiralty, can be credited with his own major innovation in warfare: a land battleship. For security reasons and development secrecy, he wanted to code name it as a "water closet." Political opponents objected to this name because the initials were the same as Winnie's, W.C. A similar, close name was substituted: "water tank". Quickly, water tank was shorten to "tank" which became the major weapon of armies. Unfortunately for Winnie, his land battleship was actually preceded by the first armored train cobbled together during the 1882 Anglo-Egyptian war in Alexandria by the enterprising captain of HMS Inflexible, John Arbuthnot Fisher.


  1. Remember, you must support the whole plan if you choose to run as a timism candidate. Candidates and individuals who are found to be cherry-picking timism will lose all timism credits: lifehours and GOOHF's.
  2. Fisher redux:
    1. Ominously, Fisher's whole plan became the basis of the first international arms race to build dreadnoughts which caused great economic hardship in all countries building them. The arms race and economics costs were essential ingredients in the megomaniacal minds that started the First World War. Afterall, if you build an automobile, you should be mobile. If you build a warship, you should have a war. And, if you rename a large armored cruiser as a battlecruiser, in battle with a battleship it will suffer like any cruiser--Jutland, 1916. Semantic slippage is its own worst enemy. If you use CO2 footprint instead of CO2 sinning you suffer a sinking feeling as you battle rather than cruise life.
    2. Unable to attack Fisher who acted with the backing of King Edward and Prime Minister Balfour, his critics attacked his subordinates. Fisher echoed Lincoln's defense of Gen. U.S. Grant having a drinking problem: "Find out what he drinks so I can send a case to each of my generals. Grant fights." Fisher said of his criticized deputy who had improved gun laying at four times the previous distance, "I don't care if he drinks, gambles or womanizes. He hits the target." For you, the reader, you should not care who saves you from global dying as long as they fulfill the primary moral imperative. Fisher's support derived from the fact that he had "re-timed" the British Navy to be two or three times more powerful at a lower cost which pleased the King and PM. Sadly for the primary moral imperative, the percentage of ugly igknowramuses is not only greater today in the general population but may be too great to stop the coming Armageddon.
    3. Derided with racial epithets, Jack Fisher either did it the right way or quit. Likewise with this primary moral imperialist--the damned roses will grow.
  3. False hopes: Bulging Balloon  or Band-Aid solutions are the state of all political, economic and social policy-making which is an incoherent mess summated as the Existential Meltdown. We could live with the collapse of our institutions were it not that we need a global effort to stop the death of life on earth, the elephant in the room. Only the whole plan can reverse the existential meltdown of our problem-solving systems.
  4. In the Second World War, an advantage of the Allies over the Axis was the Combined Joint Chiefs of Staff in which the Allies' military leaders would argue and allocate men and material for the most effective strategic benefits to end the war quickly. The over-riding principle was Germany first, Japan Second. The Axis had no coordinaton of military planning as was seen in Mussolini's surprise invasion of the Balkans and Japan's infamous December 7/8 attacks. Germany was as surprised as everyone else; Hitler was pissed. In considering the primary moral imperative of saving life on earth, lessons should be learned from a whole plan (Allies) and no plan (Axis). For deniers, there is no war to be fought. For accepters, there is disagreement over which theater should be fought first. This issue is discussed in false hopes. Only the Manheaven Project can offere the strategic unity analogous to the CJCS of WWII. But, for this writer and thinker, Churchill's comment on allies comes to mind, to wit, "The only thing worse than working with allies is having no allies." If we have passed the recovery point, all the King's horses and all the King's men won't put Mother Nature back together again.

The Whole Plan is not a last-minute political gambit but is the product of decades
of defining, prescribing, organizing and motivating (4-steps in solving problems)
an effort not without great personal sacrifice, suffering and, insults.