Unique Qualifications to explain CO2 Killer Molecule

If you don't understand electricity and chemistry, you are flying blind in understanding climate change. Documenting and projecting climate trends is not understanding climate change.

My unique qualifications have allowed me to understand climate change better than others

  1. College: At the largest university in Illinois, USA (29,000 students), I graduated cum laude in just over two years--transcript. One semester, I ace'd 7 courses for 24 credit hours. Important to my understanding of climate change was my advocational interest in chemistry: After General Chemistry, I did the 9-month pre-med Organic Chemistry course as an overload in two months. In grad school, my hobby was CO2 metabolism (Yea, Krebs!)
  2. US Navy: I recorded the highest score on the comprehensive electricity/electronic final. One-fourth of my instructors said I understood the nature of electricity better than they did.
  3. Therefrom, my atmospheric analysis is electro-chemical. Most weatherheads cannot explain the molecular how-and-why of climate change due to not knowing electricity and chemistry (see below). Computer modeling of climate change is like the pope writing on sexuality by listening to an orgy thru a door ... and Mother Nature is nymphomaniacally firetrucking us for molesting her.
  4. If one does not understand "heat" as a frequency then one does not understand how atmospheric CO2 and CH4 (methane) are effective shock absorbers in trapping radiation by vibrating at a higher frequency, e.g., microwave cooking.
    1. It is akin to how a fat person's blubber traps the cellular agitation from carbohydrate metabolism.
    2. A sugar molecule's resonance is lower than the resulting higher overall resonance of its metabolized parts (CO2 and H2O), i.e., the whole is slower than the sum of its parts.
    3. It is akin to the audio frequency difference of a bass versus a violin based on string length.  A couple can dance faster than a conga line.
    4. [This description explains the cellular "energy" that drives the Kreb's cycle and the reverse, photosynthesis ... but that is another story.]
  5. 1982: In my first climate change essay, I stated the primary human impact from rising CO2 levels will not be from rising temperature but from changes in precipitation patterns causing social, economic and political collapse (subsequent essays and youtube channel).
  6. Resume: Achievements in a wide range of enterprises. When I became successful in a new field, I became bored and moved onto a new curiosity. Income was secondary. Afterall, money is like breathing: Beyond a certain point you are wasting your breath and life. I have lived for life, not symbols of living.
  7. References: I am proud of all but especially the last line of the last reference.

I am in my eighth decade and care naught for fame nor fortune. I care to leave a legacy of a T.O.E. based on quantifying the time in any event/entity (Theory Of Everything). Time is the thread in the fabric of life ... the gravity of existence. Gravity is misperceived like a propeller airplane which pulls rather than pushes the plane forward: Gravity is a push rather than a pull phenomenon ... and like the rest of existence, it is based on resonance and frequency, aka, gravitational waves.

With Timism, one can discern E=MC²=hf. Timism is a heuristic tool. Since 1976, I have used Timism to not only molecularize climate dynamics but to create the needed, shovel-ready tool to stop and reverse climate hell: Brainbees.

Over almost a half-century more than 30,000 government, academic and media documents have been downloaded to buttress Timism as the Periodic Table of Existence based on time quantification. Every event from gravity to religion can be quantified in two variables: clock measurement and impact (creative or cancer). Timism is not an opinion based on gut reactions, but a conclusion based on the Calculus of Reality derived from the Math of Mother Nature.