Man of Vision

I am not a man of vision. Men of vision are a dime a dozen and are as useless as a continental or confederate dollar. Politicians claiming visions pollute the political landscape. Vision without actions is like talk without walk. Vision without reason is treason to reason akin to how morality without practicality is immoral, e.g., pro-litter crowd winning fetal battles of individuals while losing fatal war of saving life on earth from over-population.

I was a man of visions decades ago before I spent years developing tools and roadmaps to implement a vision of a better world.

Solving problems requires four steps:

  1. Seeing the problem
  2. Prescribe a solution
  3. Organize people to solve the problem
  4. Motivate people to solve the problem.

The first step is the seeing or visioning the problem, that is, describing the problem. The halls of Congress are full of men of vision who see the problem. Unfortunately, their personal obsession with and addiction to habitual re-election corrupts their prescriptions for solving problems. The habitual politicians corrupt the public problem-solving process into private problem-solving each time the legislate privileges (Latin for private laws) for their campaign contributors. The habitual politicians never achieve the third or fourth step of problem-solving. Oh, they will, on the campaign trail with their closet speeches, talk about the laws they have passed, the bureaucracies they have authorized, but they cannot claim success in organizing and movitating people.

A good example is "No child left behind." Only the rich have benefitted from the tax-supports for "No Child Left Behind." No money was allocated to help the poor where most kids are left behind. There is a bureaucracy. There is political speeches trumpeting the program. But there is no solution to America's failing education system.

I am not a man of vision. In the 1970's and 1980's  I was a man of vision. Today, I am more than that. I am a man of vision, prescriptions, organization and motivation, that is, I am a man of solutions. Which would you rather have? All of the 535 men and women of vision in the US Congress? Or, one problem-solver?


  1. In the 1980's I was a man of vision. Since then I have been both a practical Jeremiah and a multi-faceted victim.
  2. Friends have taken my focus on timism as a perversion as if I was a child-molester or serial murder. Whereas I was once the genie in the bottle with great gifts now I am a hesitant genie thinking about being the ultimate terrorist , that is, not sharing the unique knowledge I have on how to save life on earth. My price is BDC and punishment of the CO2 sinners via the MD2D program of the ManHeaven Project.
  3. Vision without reason is treason to reason, e.g., a politician preachin.
  4. A vision needing a teleprompter on television does not tell a vision.
  5. If the solution is a political compromise by habitual politicians then unrelated factors are injected into the solution to make the cure worse than the disease. Compromise or crimpromise? Common promise or criminal promise? Crimpromises crimp solutions.

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