The best government is the least government only if we better self-govern.
The tools of timism are designed empower the individual
to govern from the bottom up alone or en masse.

Tools of Timism

The tools of timism will be continually developed for use by and for humanity
if humanity ever wakes up to the need for and value of the tools.

To implement the morality of more time, a number of internet-based software was developed to promote better democracy, better capitalism and better values. They are

Better Democracy

  1. Brainbees:
    1. Citizen Legislation,
    2. Primaries, Zero-Cost
  2. VoteTime: Redundant cheap voting with a paper trail
  3. FTP Democracy
  4. Profit-Sharing Taxation
  5. Civility Brainbees

Better Capitalism

  1. Lifehours
  2. Lifehours or Deathhours
  3. Touch-Tone Manager
  4. Re-Timing Human Activity: Overview
    1. AssetTime
    2. Capitalism
    3. DebtTime
    4. EducateTime
    5. InsurTime
    6. Jobtime
    7. LoanTime
    8. etc.

Better Values:

  1. Time is the Thread in the Fabric of Life, the Morality of More Time
  2. Brainbees: Youth Wisdom Forums and Personal Democracy
  3. Manheaven
    1. Values based on Duty To Die Forms .
    2. Deathhours
    3. D2D
    4. GOOHF

These tools are based on analysis of morality, politics, economics and psychology in a series of books written in the 1970's and 1980's.

If we are to have a future with fewer problems, we must rebuild our policy making and economic rewards from the bottom up with better democracy and better capitalism. Toward this goal of fewer problems have the tools of timism been developed.