Martin Cobb: A Hero for All to Emulate

When I read the story of this 8-year old dying in an effort to stop a teenager molesting his sister, it rang a bell of an event when I was an eight-year old. Carving the signs was  a tribute that captured a spirit of wanting to not only acknowlege a heroic act but to raise awareness of kids needing better protection from the evils in life. That is why in January I started the process to become a "Big Brother" which was brought to a dead stop by the V.A. "dis-enrolling" me without notice and cutting my benefits. All the time I have put into creating this V.A. websegment on my mistreatment could have gone into being a "Big Brother."

I am proud that the following article when pulled from the wire around the world was in some cases renamed to the words on the back of the sign, "Pound for Pound ... "

Washington Post article on Martin Richmond community working to make sure that Marty Cobb is not forgotten ... Text copy

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