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Eco-Terrorists, Nuclear

We haven't figured out how to pay for the nuclear energy we haved used so far, that is, the cost of nuclear energy does not include the cost of disposing of the deadliest poisons known to all life, yet the the Bush Administration paints broad strokes of deceit:

There is an old expression that one should not shit where one eats. The failure of the nuclear energy engineers and economists to find a solution for eliminating nuclear waste constitutes shitting where we eat and live. Of course, the Bush administrators will not have to live near the nuclear plants or waste sites.

There is a simple analogy for the overflowing, so-called temporary, on-site pools for spent nuclear piles: the old shithouse. Prior to indoor plumbing, the outhouse was moved when the pit became full of shit. This won't work, for the stink and stench of nuclear waste does not subside in a few months under a few feet of dirt. It stinks for ever. Breathing nuclear material will kill you in a few days as shown at Hiroshima and Chernobly. Exposure to radiation increases cancers and birth defects.

The money dictators of the Bush administration know about not eating where one shits and knows about our nuclear outhouses overflowing. They also know what they will do with the multi-million dollar tax subsidies from building new plants. They will move away from the nuclear shit piles. Make the mess in poor folks backyards, but NIMBY.

Nuclear piles are piles of the worst shit ever eliminated by man as a waste product. Like the price of gasoline at the pump, the true price of nuclear is the long-term costs of the pollution which the money dictators building the plants will never admit. What a bunch of bushitters extraordinaire, full of republican elephant dung.

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