Eco Fascism and Terrorism

A fascist is a person who knows what is best for others and acts accordingly. The fascist thinks nothing of lying in order to achieve power so as to do the most good. Individual rights are secondary to the fascist doing what is right for you to conserve your well-being. Let's make the trains run on time even if they run over people. Let's destroy the villagers to save the village.

In the past, fascists defended their actions as benefitting others who could not benefit themselves. Plantation masters enslaved the darkies for their own good. Nazi's euthanized all who were not of the master race in genes or gender. The plantation aristrocracy is alive today in the guise of "compassionate conservativism." The Bush Administration is fascist in attitude and action. Compare the patronizing culture of the slave-owners with how conversatives enslave others: wealth transfer and enslavement taxes.

Below are a listing of the anti-environment activities of the Bush Administration--bushitters. All of them will cost the average American many dollars in the future with higher prices for pollution, drought, food and energy.

  1. "EU Raises Static on U.S. Stance on Kyoto,"April 4, 2001

  2. Nuclear energy:

    • U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney shrugged off criticism of the Bush administration's environmental policies on Sunday, defending its stance on global warming, pledging to pursue oil and gas drilling in an Arctic wildlife refuge and advocating nuclear power.April 8, 2001.

    • "We can safeguard the environment by making greater use of the cleanest methods of power generation we know," he [Cheney] said, speaking of nuclear power. Reuters 010501

    • NUBS

  3. "Gore Projects to Conserve Energy Are Cut, as Focus Swings to Coal," April 10, 2001

  4. Arsenic in water is ok

  5. "Energy Task Force Works in Secret Like Clinton Health Effort," April 16, 2001

  6. "Bush Budget May End U.S. Tobacco Suit" April 25, 2001.

  7. Cheney "said 1,300 to 1,900 new power plants will be needed over the next 20 years." WashPost 010501 (Of course, he exaggerates like the person who says he is going to kill your family figuring that you will be happy when he merely rapes your wife and daughter.)

  8. "New York Admits Plants Headed for Poor Areas," March 15, 2001

  9. Bush says he will investigate technological improvements to solve the problem. This is like telling the victim of your rape that you will buy some aspirin for their headache and ointment for the rawness.

These are the action of eco-fascists.

The term eco-fascism has been applied to isolated individuals and groups that burn or destroy commercial activities viewed as harmful to the environment. If Bush administration's tactics and plans are reviewed with this definition in mind, clearly, they are the major eco-fascists, for their actions are harmful to the environment and they work "in Secret Like Clinton Health Effort."

Consider the patronizing tone of the top bushitter, Vice President Cheney: "Conservation may be a sign of personal virtue, but it is not a sufficient basis for a sound, comprehensive energy policy." Is this a compassionate conservative speaking? WashPost 010501 Even if all the environmental worries are wrong, how can a person so glibly dismiss the weight of scientific and public opinion? Where's the integrity, intelligence and morality? Can money be so blinding? The wishy-washy, apologetic activities of the EPA head (Christine Whitman--Bush's chief Goebbel and global bone-breaker) elevate her integrity to that of the previous President's wife. She is a good bushitter.

With unilateral, not open to discussion actions, we are witnessing the rape of the future by a bunch of money-hungry, "if it's ok for me its ok for you" eco-fascists. By withholding funding for environmental activities (like the tobacco lawsuit), these fascists achieve their ends without having to publicly announce their policies, e.g., "work in secrete like Clinton." The top bushitter cuts funding for energy conservation (above Gore quote) while dictating that energy policy will not be based on the "personal virtue of conservation." No money for the Sunday offering to conserve values while parading that moral policy will not be based on the personal virtue of conservation. Ah, a compassionate conservative!

Bushitters want to not only increase nuclear power--ignoring the growing stocks of nuclear waste with no place to go--but new nuclear weapons. Why? "Money for me!" The United States has no credible enemy (China is no national threat ), yet the Bushitos want billions for a missile system--campaign welfare.The Bush Administration deserves the literal and etymological meaning of Republican: Rich Pubes. These money dictators are boys playing with ever bigger toys at taxpayers' expense. Enslavement of others to a growing environmental debt merely mirrors the true impact of the no death tax lie.

Part and parcel to the ideology of fascism are greedy business interests that make money by supporting the fascists who will say one thing but do another. In all of the fascist reversals by the bushitters, one can see where certain businessmen stand to make billions of dollars by the bushitters having campaigned on a centrist platform only to enact extreme, off-centered programs. Why did Bush lie so much during the campaign? Divide and diffuse the opposition. Fascism. Hitler kept his black shirts and brown shirts in different camps. No where is the lying most evident and contrived than in the qualification of their political label: "compassionate" conservative. If conservatism is so good, why do you have to qualify it?

Ironically, a theses of the Oil-Drought discovery is that the greatest tragedy of twentieth-century was not the traditional conclusion, namely, the six million human beings killed in the concentration camps by the German Nazi facists. History will show that it was a fascist movement that was responsible for the greatest tragedy of not only the twentieth century but of the second millennium. The front man for this movement controlled by the Texas Oil Cartel will destroy the best hope for mankind. With each passing day of unenlightened, undemocratic fascist energy policies, George W. Bush moves up the ladder of infamy to be spoken of in either the same or previous breath as the person heretofore known as the evil embodiment of fascism--Adolf Hitler.

One of the greatest ironies and commonalities between the eco-fascists and nazi fascist is the means by which they are killing and exterminating human beings: Gassing.

As stated elsewhere, Mother Earth is not going to allow an increase in production. She is going to hold us accountable for our past excesses. Energy conservation is not a "personal virtue" as the top bushitter patronized us. Drastic energy elimination is possibly, but not likely, the only way to stop the approaching cataclysmic eruption of domestic and international chaos. That's what the last fascist reich initiated. A timistic analysis makes unavoidable a social, economic and political upheavel--an existential meltdown--that combines the worst of both World Wars.

Eco-Fascist Poster

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