Cretinism, Not Creationism

Medically define, a cretin is person with subnormal intelligence. As such the person should not be expected to perform the more complex tasks of which a larger, normal brain is capable.

Some people live lives that effect functional cretinism, that is, smaller brains, by having values that limit and restrict their ability to logically perform more complex tasks. The demographic group that was known as "Creationists" is an example of cretinism, that is, self-lying ignoramus that ignore true creation.

  1.  If you are thinking about solving a problem while also worrying about another problem, neither problem will be solved as well as they might be.
  2. If you choose not to learn all the aspects of a problem, your solution will be less than a total final solution like the bumbling bungling babble of a cretin.
  3. If you choose to be an unquestioning, illogical alien who formulates your views and values of the world based on your emotional gut reactions, you a functional cretin.
  4. True creativity is the creation of time by solving problems which is the meaning of life as juxtaposed to cancers which waste time. "Creationists" are time-cancers guilty of semantic, existential dishonesty.

Symptomatic of the "creationist" cretinism is their attempt to repackage their intellectual, moral dishonesty with a new phrase, "Intelligent Design" that is inherently self-contradictory. Intelligent design is logically an example of a reductio absurdum: If it is necessary to have an intelligent designer to explain creation, where did the intelligent designer come from? Who designed the designer? And, who designed the designer of the intelligent designer ... and so on.

As one wag said, the more absurd a religious belief, the more it is accepted as an article of faith or as a instance of miracles. This is akin the common political practice of die grosse luge , the big lie, that is, lie so big that most people accepted as truth because they cannot believe a person could lie so much. An example is Hitler's speech or the semantic antics of "Depends on what your definition of 'Is' is." Only a small mind could transfigure an absudity into their personal reality.

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