Creativity: A Timistic View

The extent of one's creativity is like the stairs that a frog can climb. Climbing stairs is more than hopping a lot. It's also being able to hop enuf. If a frog can only hop six inches, he will not get up the first step--let alone all the steps--if the steps are seven inches. He can hop all day but still be on the bottom rung. A frog that hops all day may be hopping mad not leaping creative.

Creativity is finding a unity among numerous things. If one has a mental hopper that will hold ten thought then one has the potential of creating ten-step solutions. More often than not, the average person wastes most of their minds, filing it with garbage as outlined above as well as in the Morality of Timism. If one has a ten unit mind but wastes seven units then one only has a three unit mind and can create only three unit ideas. By freeing up one's minds, one can perceive and create ten unit ideas. Timism has the unity because its originator observed the most profitable lifestyle to maximize the quantity and quality of his thoughts to unravel timism.

Seemingly contradictory, the most profitable life for a thinker is a chosen impoverished life. With no money, one simplifies one's time management. Too much money metastasizes problems rather than solutions. One can see this in poiltical solutions, inheritance/allowances, NASDAQ dotcoms, and subsidized art.

  • Politically: Which solution is more lasting:

    • Let's raise taxes and hire campaign workers for new bureaucracies versus

    • Let's organize the problem-sufferers to manage and solve their problems.
      (One increase the power of the habitual politician while the other empowers and ennoblers the problem-sufferers.) Inheritance/Allowances: Which child becomes the independent, self-sufficient problem-solver for self, family and community: (Andrew Carnegie Quote and welfare)

  • NASDAQ: Which dotcom is more likely to succeed?

    • The one which has more money than it's entrepreneurial geeks know how to manage
    • The one in which the geeks' time is focused on making a profitable company with a positive cashflow?
  • Art: If you accept that creativity is the development of time-saving solutions to problems, then you have to accept that the person who lives a live free of problems is less likely to be creative. A trouble-free life is an infertile ground from which to create. Genius grants castrate creativity. New garbage on the dump of human false difference is not creatiity, just onanistic spurts of wasted energy. The starving artist--forced or chosen--creates the lasting art.
    (If you want to be a great artist, just send me your weekly paycheck and live on what you have left.)

Creativity requires basic truths. NUBS

Also see, Rights and Freedoms: When one exercises a right or freedom in fact, one is creating time. A creative person is exercising a right and a freedom by creating more time in solving a problem in a new way.

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