You should not read any NUBS if
  • you are NOT offended by habitual politicians
  • you are ARE offended by Negative, Ugly, Bitter Sarcasm--NUBS.

It's hard to find people who know enough about existence to talk about the unity of existence. It is amazing how many people value gut reactions over basic knowledge. Higher education generates lopsided minds that can find jobs but not happiness. As grades have been inflated and cheapened so has the world university ceased to signify the creation of a universal person. Job factories, sports camps, or travel agencies are more descriptive and accurate terms for the self-chosen focus of most universities. Habitual politicians in education emulate the public variation by annually trotting out closet speeches to play lip service to education as they campaign for public dollars to keep an undeserved position of public trust and responsibility.

In the same way that economics is cluttered up with waste because economists have not established a currency that is both symbol and substance--lifehours--so is the field of physics cluttered with inflated, over-valued numeric machinations. A false currency is the basis of false economies in the vein that if you tell one lie then to maintain the basic, initial lie, you must keep telling more lies, e.g., racism based on blacks being inferior. Racists construct multi-generational lies based on this lie. Many racists--ask blacks--don't know they are racists. Likewise with economics and physics.

The vast and growing array of financial instruments and their progeny (tax code) could not be if we had an honest currency. Likewise with the equally unnecessarily undiscernible field of physics--a dismal science in its own right--see Seven Pines Opine. Physicists have voodoo timism. Both economics and physics would benefit if 95% of the symbols and symbolists became timeless.

Should one forgive a racist who does not know he is a racist? No. Likewise with economists and physicists. Both have full bowels and no manners.

Origin: Summary of Timism