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Timism: Periodic Table of Existence

What Einstein had in part but not in whole


Before man had sufficient and diverse raw knowledge to see the quantifiable and qualifiable time in each part of existence, schools of thought arose separately like descendants from the Tower of Babel. Time is the universal linkage of all existence. When taken as the point of reference for understanding existence, this linkage becomes the unifying language. This unified system of understanding is also a system of encompassing values.

All of the below levels of existence can be organized by the quantification of time created and destroyed between the levels and the members of the levels. Inherent in most of our languages of isolated origin is the acknowledgement of time, e.g., currency (current time), profit (foward time),

The profound and civilizing power of timism is that it removes subjective evaluation of human worth. The fields to be most affected are politics, economics, education and values. The fields best left alone are the fundamental sciences wherein the insights would be of no human good.

Summary Hierarchy


Relativity and Productivity


Timism: Essay
Profitable Life
Human Worth


Democracy: Dictators/Anarchy
Legein Logic/Legal
When politicians make good policy then the polity in the polis will be polite without police.

Ecos Nomos

Oil and Coal Industry
Legein: Gathering vs. Hunting


Maslow: Hierarchy
Piaget: Cognition
ROI: Rate of integration ...


BioTime: Photosynthesis
Oxidation: Hydrocarbons vs. Carbohydrates


Chaos and Heisenberg
Spinbarism: Relativity and Quantum Mechanics

If your understanding of time does not have the synonymity of relativity and productivity, you are missing a lot. Timism is the key to a new, huge library of knowledge and understanding. If you ever wanted to have a universal sixth sense, timism makes sense. The optimist opts for timism.

An interesting observation about this chart is how the relativity or productivity of time--the time created--increases as one goes up the chart. For instance, the productivity of a stable, relative currency is greater than that of any individual, but neither are as great as the ultimate form of human productivity, that is, stable, relevant democracy.

At the top, all vehicles for immortality are morality-based. They are also self-proclaimed perpetual motion machines--live right and live forever. Now that's quite a high level of productivity or relativity. Unfortunately, the earthly human keys to immortality are the greatest keys for destroying life. Is timism the chicken or the egg?

If Thomas Jefferson, Adam Smith, Louis Pasteur, Charles Darwin, Watson/Crick, Albert Einstein, and Martin Luther King, among others, synthesized their ideas on democracy, capitalism, economics, biology, genetics, physics, and humanity  into a common, universal language, they would come up with timism. Timism is a new way of looking at life to profit the most in your one lifetime. Timism is a system of understanding for values that will outlast a lifetime. Timism is Archimedes' lever with which to move the world forward or backwards depending on the location of the fulcrum.

As the practical applications of timism are used by more and more people, a system will evolve the replaces party politics, central banks, the IMF and the United Nations.

The paradigm of timism when applied to the energy pictures shows that we may have passed the point where energy conversation can save us from energy eliminating us. When applied to inflation, it shows why bubbles are unavoidable under all the known schools of economic thought.

A review of the author's career achievements shows a high competence in the above levels of existence. A better presentation of the author's qualifications is the hierarchy and its contents synthesized into the unity of timism. The above levels and sublevels have been written about in part or whole: writings.

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If the author's 1972/73 graduate school applications can be found, except for one, the written essay contains a summary of timism as well as the goal to explore it. When queried about not being accepted at one graduate school, one professor said that it was standard to do a career of research and then write an encompassing theory rather than the other way around. Consistently, as the range of Timism expanded, the PhD's exhibited more and more NIH, go away. So, I went away, and, now, don't care whether Timism is or is not accepted. If not this time, then sometime someone will reveal the periodic table of existence based on time. The benefits thereof will be delayed till this elsetime. (RSB, 2005) [Update, 2009: When I realized global warming was an accelerating global dying in 2007, that is, we had passed the tipping point, I found myself forced to seek dissemination of timism as a matter of self-preservation. If I could survive as a nobody, I would.]

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