Consist for Student Train

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In railogy, consist is describes the cars of which a train consists. The following is the proposed, initial consist for the student circuit train. The train will not be started until a two-year backlog of applicants has been achieved by students via the signup form. All coach seats need to be sleep hollow with railings for work tables between facing seats.

Consist Description

Bid Information (in $,000)
Corporate Sponsor Car Name, Description Seats




1 Hotel Chain Miami Beach sleeper/Lounge 5 bedrooms Supervisors' refuge  
2 Fast Food coach 60>70 combo of coach and dome/coach
3 Pizza Silver Dollar dome coach 46(24)
4 Car Rental coach 60>70 combo of coach and dome/coach
5 Computers Mfg Silver Ceder dome coach 46(24)
6 Software Itax 8603 Diner/Table (64 seats) Meals and work tables
7 Insurance coach 60>70 combo of coach and dome/coach
8 Delivery Service Wabash 200 dome coach 54+24
9 Clothing Chain Silver Pine Coach 60>70 combo of coach and dome/lounges
10 Shoe Silver Tower Dome Lounge


  1. Combos
  2. Diner/Table: Will be used for meals for three hours, thrice daily on assigned schedules of 30 minutes lunch. Otherwise each at coach seat.
  3. Meals: Simple, Secular
  4. Rail cars wanted

Sleeping Car: Supervisors Refuge

The Student Rail Circuit will have a complement of supervisors. A sleeping car will be reserved for them. Supervisors will consist of

  1. Retired teacher to proctor exams, one pair per two combo.
  2. Public safety: Assess events and interface with local authorities if a violation occurs in their district.
  3. EMS
  4. Member and Representative of Governing Board (BB):
  5. Other staff will be hired as needed.
  6. Vacant bedrooms will be rented to others.
  7. Insurance company: feedback