Contract for Students

(Tentative outline, not lawyered-up)

Purpose of the Student Tours: To inexpensively expose the future problem-solvers of the world to the variety of people with whom they will live and work with a focus on the basics of better democracy and economics.

  1. Public Safety: Students will conduct themselves in a safe manner observing all written instructions and verbal requests by others.
  2. A signup fee is required--A donation to the Veterans Administration Volunteer Service
  3. Buddies: Students will not travel alone. A buddy is required. If buddies cease to be buddies, a flip of the coin will determine who retains the rights to travel with a buddy.
  4. Payments: Fees are pro-rated to hourly wage earnings of one's economic unit, e.g., congressional district, town or province, with the fee consisting of 40 hours of average wages--see Lifehour Rail Fee.
  5. Pre-Boarding Requirements
    1. Policies and procedures
    2. Supplies
    3. ICE
    4. Insurance: Special policies available.
    5. No Amtrak Coach attendants
  6. Personal Responsibility:
  7. Cleanliness: Area ... no littering ... personal hygiene ... toilet duty (day 15)
  8. Lines of communication and authority:
    1. Self
    2. Supervisor
    3. Conductor
    4. Local Law Enforcement
  9. Seating will automatically alternate between ailse and window.
  10. Sleeping Arrangement: Students will progress through the teepee sleeping positions: seat, seat, teepee, foot rests.
  11. Quiet times: Why?
    1. 9-11am
    2. 1-4 pm
    3. 11pm - 8am
  12. Dome Seating: Please limit seating in the dome to one hour intervals if more full--signing sheet during day.
  13. Smoking is verboten.
  14. Drugs can land you in jail in a distant state/province or other country.
  15. Weapons: Only bad jokes that are hazzardous to your standing as a comedian will be tolerated on board.
  16. Ostracism: If 3/4 of the students sitting within ten seats of you petition your removal, you will be moved to another car. If you are ostracized a second time, you will be transferred to another train for direct routing home.