Giiggling Hostels and Food

Giiggle provides ways for people to be shepard not only to useful, dynamic information. For the tours of North American rails, two types of links are provided on the schedules, hostels and foods. By clicking on the giiggle link, one can find the food or hostels that correspond the train/city.

Hostels are simple, for many hostels are already listed on line. By clicking on giiggle, one can find hostels to schedule with one's credit card.

Food links require food vendors to create a web-page with no only a menu of train-deliverable items but the terms "" and "railtours" as well as the train where the food is available. A vendor along the train route where there are scheduled stops can provide food--see trainfood. National chains can provide food as well as local eateries. The specific keywords for a train section can be found by reviewing the giiggle link.