Student Road Scholar Tour

A series of articles detail aspects of train travel using a rail pass as well as proposing two standard tours for groups using the Rail. A 28-day student circuit is proposed in which major cities and sites as well as capitals are visited in the U.S. and Canada--see map and itinerary. With internet connections, students can maintain class coursework as well as complete their requirement in govenment studies. Price will be less either $21 or $25 a day depending on the season--current energy prices.

As envisioned, a number of students will board and exit each day as the cars--not train--travel their circuit. While the majority of the students will from the VIA/Amtrak countries, one-third are reserved for foreign students flying into one of the international cities on the route. A form is provided for students to sign up. The goal will be three or four passenger cars of students (200 to 260). Corporate sponsors will be recruited to acquire the cars. The idea cars would be dome-coaches with a sleeper-lounge car for the adult-supervisors. While conceived as a high school enriching experience, college cars could be added to the train.

It is hoped that a rail connection to Mexico City can become part of the Road Scholars circuit with the rail pass being truly, a North American Rail. Mexico City could be the gateway for international students from Central and South America. Freight goes from L'esta Unites to the Capital of a third of North America. Why not students and others? Flotillas
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