3600 Anne Street
Richmond, VA 23225


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Dear Principal,

You may be familiar with my garden a few houses behind Crossroad Coffee Shop along Reedy Creek. I have had many people tell me that they started gardens because of watching my gardening over the years. And, I have watched the gardening at your school.

I have launched a website called "CaveGarden.com" in which I show how one can increase produce production per square foot and reduce the time required. The website describes many tips and tricks.

Your school could be a model for what might be a national program. I would like to have a "seeding bee" within the next two weeks.

  1. Students would bring an egg carton to school.
  2. Students would fill the egg carton with starting soil that I would provide.
  3. The egg carton would have the vegetable code written on the lid by child-see egg carton example.
  4. The students would go down a table plucking and planting the selected seeds--see plucking tray.
  5. In a month, the sprouted plants can be transplanted around April 15 which is usually the last frost.

This project would further the students' appreciation and learning. While I encourage some techniques, e.g., drip or skip, they are secondary to children learning more about gardening. In addition, with the small number of plants, the child's household should be able to plant and water as needed.

For the long-term, this model could be expanded into a "Seeding Bee" for the general population like a Bake Sale to raise money for school projects. I am willing to bet that over $100,000 is spent on seeding in the 23225 area code via outlets and internet. If economic hardships and food inflation increases, more people are going to put in gardens as an economic necessity. I do believe you could get news coverage of the seeding bee which would be good PR for the school as well promote the idea for other schools, locally and nationally.

If you are interested, please call me at 804-513-0727  (or email demcapu@comcast.net) so I can answer any questions you have so as to make this a success. I have provided a Parent Order Form that can be printed off and duplicated for students to take home so parents can act.  (I will donate $25 toward copying costs.) Please visit www.CaveGarden.com for more information.

If you decide to host a seeding bee, I would like for teachers to tally their classroom seed totals with an assistant of yours tallying the school seed needs so I can be sure to buy enough seeds prior to the seeding bee. Also, it will be your duty and benefit to do a press release to the various medias that can provide favorable coverage of the event at your school.

For what it is worth, I have lived in my house for almost 40 years. I have several references who have students in your school.

Regardless, best wishes and luck in very troubling times.

bob barnett
3600 Anne Street
Richmond, VA 23225

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