Egg Cartons as Seeding Trays

If one expects to transplant seedlings within a month, one can use an egg carton (6, 12, or 18 eggs) as a starter, either foam or cardboard. For students participating in a seeding bee, an egg carton is idea because it is the egg holding cavity is about the size of the cavity on most seed trays for which one pays five, ten or fifteen dollars. Of course, extra-large egg cartons are better than bantam chicken egg cartons.

Names should be written on cartons. After seeding, the cartons could be kept in the students' classrooms or taken home. (I'd wait till they sprouted to reduce impact of a spill.)

For students participating in a class-based seeding bee, their parents and they can review the Student Seeding Order Form to mark the egg carton. Below is an example. Each class of seed has its own plucking tray with a AlphaNumeric code to indicate the seed. Thus, the egg carton with have, for instance, T1 for the first tomato option. Students are encouraged to not only write the code but a fuller name so they can quality control by looking at the seed packet.

Plucking tray with seed packages.

Very important, students should be told to keep egg carton horizontal without twisting or turning.

Seeding Trays

At transplanting time, soak the plant and lift out with a tablespoon or a teaspoon.

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