Wrist Warming Socks

For many years, I spent many dollars trying to find a pair of gloves that would let me freely type without distraction in the cold. I tried Isotonic. I tried half-and-half. In the end, the solution was a common clothing item.

One day, as I was putting on some cotton socks, I noticed a big-toe hole. Hmm? Clipping off the end of the toes (A), I put them on my wrists(B). I found my hands warmer with the cuff resting on the bottom of the thumb. I found my hands warmer when I cut a thumb-hole(C) so the sock cuff could extend half-way up the first digit of my fingers without loss of any dexterity in typing. I found that these "wrist" muffler were a great addition to sleeping in a cold room by simply turning them around with the cuff on the wrist and the foot extending out over one's finger tips(D).

As you can tell, these socks are soiled and scarred by good hard work in a garden. I wouldn't wear them to church.
A. Sock with toes cut off B. Wrist only sock warmer C. First Digit Hand Warmer D. Sleeper/Whole Hand Warmer (reversed)

CO2 Sinning Reduction

I have found that previously, I could type comfortably at 35 degrees. With these non-interfering wrist socks, I can type at 25 degrees. Thus, I can keep my house cooler without discomfort or work on my enclosed porch with little or no CO2-sinning heating (when my solar shades are doing their thing). Quite often, one's hands are the first thing that prompts to turn up the furnace to warm the room (or gosh forbid, the whole house). Beyond the issue of one's monthly heating bill by keeping the house warm instead of using old socks to keep hands warm, one should consider the CO2 reduction if everyone comfortably kept their houses at lower winter temperatures because they dressed better. The socks can be doubled up so that one serves solely as a wrist heat preserver while another serves as "finger hoodies."

And, don't forget about your cold feet. Keep your old socks with toes cutoff to serve as ankle warmers, both day and night. One sleeps better if when moving one's hands or feet one does not run into cold sheets. With socks over hands, one's hands are warmly covered. And, if in the middle of the night, Mother Nature calls, one can easily pull the sock back over the hand unlike having to take off a glove should one chose to sleep with gloves to keep one's hands warm. (Like typing, gloves at night are distracting compared to clipped socks).

Try this: When at home or when sleeping, put one "hoodie sock" on one wrist/hand and ankle. See which is warmer and more comfortable.

Another use of these wrist mufflers is sweat catchers when playing tennis. I always found the store-bought cloth donuts to become sweat-logged too quickly. Wrist mufflers from old socks would soak up more moisture and cost less. Also, summer headbands can be used as winter neckbands to reduce heat loss, a truncated dickie.

(P.S. You do wear long-johns every chance that you get, don't you. You'll save the cost of long-johns in a few day heating costs, and, more importantly, reduce your CO2 sinning.)

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