CO2 Sinning

If global warming is real and is accelerating at an exponential rate due to added synergistic sources of CO2, then it is not global warming but global dying. Nor do we have CO2 footprints but jackboots killing life one earth which makes us CO2 sinners.

If global dying is occurring which this writer has believed for many years beginning with an essay in 1982 to a meteorologist--Oil Droughts--then home gardening will reduce our CO2 sinning in many ways. Have we passed the tipping and recovery points of global dying? Never in the history of this planet has the following three been so out of wack: CO2, temperature, and, most importantly, the biomass. Previously, Mother Nature had tens or hundreds of thousands of years to alter the biomass to respond to rising CO2 levels by sequestering it into fossil fuels.

Now, in only a few hundreds of years, we have increased CO2 and temperature at unprecedented rates. Mother Nature is trying to cope by increased metabolism of primitive CO2-philic plants (ragweed, kudzu, bamboo) and early maturation of more evolved species, e.g., human puberty. However, she may have been pushed over the tipping and recovery point wherein she has become her own unstoppable source of rising CO2, e.g., polar greenhouse gases and Amazonian droughts. Unfortunately for humanity, Mother Nature does not care about us. In the end, she is showing us who is boss.


  1. Increasingly, the real cost of anything is the generated greenhouse gases. As global warming speeds up, the CO2 time-wasting problems will increase in frequency and size. At a rising rate, the cost of living (the time we have to spend on a daily average to acquire the necessities of life) will first exceed the available worktime which means we won't be able to work enough time to buy enough food. As enough time and enough food becomes less and less, the quality of life will descend into the chaos of social, economic and political upheaval. Finally, there will not be enough time in the day to buy the necessities of life. We will die because of our CO2 sinning.

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