Cost of Humanity To Mother Nature: A reason why you should garden.

The cost of humanity to Mother Nature has two parts: the cost of living and the cost of lying.

  1. The cost of living is not more funny numbers on more funny paper but the daily time you spend to acquire the needs or necessities of life. The cost of living has always been in time regardless of the century or the nation.
  2. The cost of lying is how we lie to ourselves as to what is more important the necessities of life. These lies are about our wants, not our needs. Our closets, attics, basements, garages and storage are full of things we wanted for which we often must work hours or jobs in order to pay off the cost of our self-lies. Often the items are no longer the center of our life, e.g., the expensive car. 

Which is more important? A simple question: If you were to be stranded on a deserted island, would you wamt your companions to be pro athletes, pro gamblers or poor farmers? All of our wants are invariably some variation of wanting to play or to watch play. Instead of having the work ethic, Americans suffer the play pathos. Only a dishonest person would say a player has a work ethic.

America does not work anymore because we play: lotteries, stocks, sports, music, videos, etc. By actions and votes, Americans prefer play over work. Americans are learning that all play and no work makes Jack and Jill desperate, destitude and demised.

Too often in history humanity has over-valued wants to the detriment of our needs. The road to hell is paved with the good intentions of bad values from wanting what we cannot really afford. The ballooning US national debt of over $15 trillion (2012) is an index of how America's habitual politicians have funded their re-election addiction with borrowed money so voters can have what voters want. Not what they need, but what they want. Of course, when the fat lady sings--as was the case in 1929--the wanting society will be replaced by needy society.

By starting and expanding a garden you will alter not only your personal ratio of living to lying but contribute to a general shift. As noted in Joy of Gardening you will find gardening not only saves food money but replaces expensive shop-till-you-drop with edifying grow-till-you-glow. If everyone grew 25% of their caloric needs, food costs would go down as well as mental health costs.

A person who takes care of needs before wants

  1. lives within one's means (cash, mental and emotional),
  2. is meaningful rather than meaningless,
  3. fulfills the meaning of life--create more than one consumes.

All moral systems boil down to one imperative--create more time than one consumes ... be a creator not a cancer. The Ten Commandents are variation of this morality of more time. Time is the thread in the fabric of life. Whether a person, a family, a nation or a culture, the lasters are the mostest time makers.

Darwin's "survival of the fittest" was a subset of "survival of the time-makers." Deep Throat's admonition of "follow the money" would have been more moral, encompassing and revealing if he had said "follow the time." Afterall, time is money and money is time. To follow only the money is to exclude the moral or immoral motivations of people seeking to improve their time on earth.

Invariably, people and nations who live beyond their means respond in ugly ways when denied living beyond their means: they become mean and breed meanies. If, after the 2007 Wall Street financial crisis, you started paying down debt and saving money then you can add to your financial buffer and mental toughness by becoming a gardener. Cave gardening is the easiest and most productive.

(Remember, if you are not going to use drip irrigation then don't garden. You will more than likely fail with a sour grape attitude of bad-mouthing gardening. So, drip or skip!)

Other thoughts from Mother Nature:

  1. Best Government: The government that governs least is the best which requires better self-governing by the people.
  2. Critical question: Which parent will have a better child in the future? The soccer mom or gardening mom? We get what we sow. Sow on a playing field if you want players. Sow on food field if you want workers.
  3. When it comes to gardening, anyone who plants flowers instead of food kinda has the wrong priorities.

The cost of humanity has two parts: the cost of living/needs/work and the cost of lies/wants/play. Too much of the latter increases the cost of the former. The real cost of living is the time needed for the necessities of living. Spend time on lies/wants/play is suicide if real problems are worsening in quality and quantity.

All play and no politics makes Jack and Jill desperate, destitude and demised. When a person says they don't have time for politics or gardening, a few questions reveal they spend a lot of time playing. Americans don't work anymore but play instead--lotteries, stock market, games, gambling, music, netflix, etc.

As is shown in Washington, DC, and elsewhere, America has worsening habitual problems because we have worsening habitual politicians who have consistently legalized subsidies for lies, wants and play ... by borrowing money--over $15 trillion by 2013. Habitual politicians are why Call them professional only if you want to lie with your words. If they are going to do any "fessing" they should fess up at a confessional.

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