Cheap Pots from Newspapers

One can create pots from newspaper which have several advantages over plastic pots, e.g., you don't have to store and disinfect before use and you just put them in the ground instead of water/removal. They are great for starting potatoes. The following are the steps which take a little more time than a pot but saves time overall by eliminating the warehousing, disinfecting and transferring. Please note that newspapers have biodegradable eco-friendly inks.

Like many aspects of gardening (seeding and canning), one can perform the tasks while watching a favorite show or DVD or have a neighborhood party. The following is for starting potatoes.

Please note that you can spend $20 or $30 for a newspaper-to-pot wooden contraption which gives you a nice paper pot which then requires you balance the pot while you scoop dirt into it. The following is a simpler, fewer-step, less-frustrating process than a neo-herding cats process. With a jar approach to cheap pots, one has the dirt already in the pot when it is formed. And, it takes less time to dip a jar into a bucket of dirt than to scoop/ladle dirt into a paper cylinder. Another Baby Chicken time/dollar saver--cheap, cheap, cheap.

  1. Get a bucket of soil
  2. Fill a quart or pint jar half-full.
  3. Roll the jar on a half-sheet of newspaper.
  4. Fully rolled jar
  5. Upright the rolled paper and jar and bend the top part over the side of the jar.
  6. Turn jar upside down
  7. Lift the jar out (Here you will learn to roll the newspaper loosely with the jar protruding about an inch so you can easily grasp the jar to extract. If you forget, you can tear the newspaper down an inch in two places opposite of each other so as to get a grip. Now you have a pot that is half full (if you are doing potatoes) or full if some other early starting seed.
  8. Potato tray started while watching my one TV soap. (Ahh, NCIS with Ziva and Tony ... what's he doing? why she smiling?)
  9. When you cut you potatoes to make starters, remember you only need one eye per plant. A spud with double vision does not produce more potatoes compare to monocle spuds. Potatoes are cut and "hardened" for a few days before being "soiled." Note the purple potatoes which make for a fun potato salad.
  10. Cheap pots with potato  starters.
  11. Potato pots outside on warm days and nights. (Moved inside when temp projected to drop below 40 degrees) Other seedlings in the distant. Normally, twice the number of seedlings are generated with excess give away to others or deposited at Crossroad Coffee with a "free" sign.
  12. Voila. The above seedlings easily transplant without having to water/remove from pots. Below is the potato plot a few weeks. A pound of starters should yield about 100 pounds of potatoes if you drip irrigate--see drip or skip--note the black tube in the potato rows.  (Note: the sprinkler is used before planting to broadcast eco-friendly bug/disease repellents on the surface.)
  13. Like anything you can grow in your garden, you don't appreciate a good potato in any dish as much as one fresh from the garden. Because of how potatoes develop more potatoes downward, one can in about six weeks start harvesting the top "early" potatoes. If one starts early, indoor, one can get two potato crops of 90 days each. At 3600 Anne, we found a crop is good for five to six months which store nicely in our root cellar.

    Cheap pots from newspapers save time and money.

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