Be A Baby Chicken

Invariably, a laugh results when this gardener tells another that he lives like a baby chicken, "cheap, cheap, cheap." This simple joke contains many moral mandates.

  1. The best government is the government which governs least when people self-govern best. A person who lives like a baby chicken is self-governing best.
  2. Live within one's means. A baby chicken liver lives within or below one's means.
  3. The meaning of life is to create more than one consumes or destroys--see prior mandate.
  4. Compare yourself only to yourself of yesterday.
  5. Trade "shop till you drop" for "grow till you glow."

Living as a baby chicken involves several principles.

  1. Garden if you can. Get a plot in burbs or hinterlands which you visit on the weekends like Moscovites visiting their dacha gardens.
    1. Find a tree arborist who will give chips for free.
    2. Organize a neighborhood gardening group--see Organize.
    3. Cheap Seeding Soil
    4. Cheap pots: Newspaper.
    5. Cheap Trays: Scrounge
  2. Buy secondhand rather than buy new. Develop a thrift store visit routine. Buy items out of season after the season, e.g., coats in spring or summer and shorts in fall or winter. Remember a lot of old items have more life than new items manufactured with a short life: Why do you think they are always trying to sell you replacement insurance?
  3. Drive less, ride more.
  4. Heat less, wear more.
    1. You can be comfortable at 10 degrees less in your home if you wear long-johns.
    2. Consider handwarmers made from socks in which the toes are snipped and a thumb hole cut in the heel of the sock.
    3. Solar shades: Install solar shades
    4. Hybrid Pickup
    5. Pipe Henge

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