"Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but not to their own facts." Daniel Moynihan.

Most people's positions are matter-of-opinions formed by nothing or less. My positions are fact-based. As people's false facts and empty opinion are revealed to them, they shift from holding their opinions to viewing them as holy above reason. They view the questioner as an invalid infidel unworthy of respect whose mouthings are automatically and inherently wrong, a sophistry that appears right but must be discounted because of the infidel source. It is like the claim that faith cannot be judged by science. This is true: A lie cannot be undone by a truth in the mind of the lifelong liar.

The basis of opinions, literally and figuratively, is an expression of what one wants rather than what one needs. opine, pine (want).

  1. literally, opinion comes from opine which comes from "pine", to want. When one pines for something, one is in a hyperactive, self-blinding stage of want. Many besodden have reinforced their emotional obessesions with another human being by pining. Likewise with religion, people pining for eternal life double dumb down.
  2. figuratively: Want to live forever. thus religions proclaiming eternal lives are opionating or opining for the pinings of insecure, mis-educated, igknowant people.

Opinion ... option .. opine ... pine

  1. "to desire, choose" ... this is the opposite of necessities (need vs. want/desire) ... you do not choose your needs, for your needs choose you.
  2. Information: living/lying
  3. opinions and ass holes
  4. a person pining over another is evidencing an unfilled want, desire, choice ... a lie
  5. pine: "torture, torment, afflict, cause to suffer" related to "penal" [fomr] "A Latin word that rode into Germanic ... with Christianity."
  6. Penal: to punish ... opinons do punish the facts ... one does not have a right to opinions for opinions may lead to truth but as a rule the lead to wrongs of doing wrongs not of doing right. One has the option of opinions to punish others. (Note that "option of opinions" is a tautology.) Option is a choice as are opinions thus fall into cost of lying.

Opinions vs. optimals, correlation: As opinions go up optimals go down.

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