Overview of Retiming

Optimal Dynamics: Optimal Re-Timing

All dynamic systems have levels of activity from zero to infinity. Each dynamic system has an optimal level of activity that optimizes its length of survival. Move too slowly, go nowhere. Move too fast, crash and burn. In between is the golden mean of optimal activity for optimal survival.

If life on earth is be saved, the primary moral imperative, most dynamic systems affecting and affected by humanity must be re-timed to an optimal level of activity to create more time. The re-timing must observe the four-steps of solving any problems. Some human activities will be de-timed, that is, re-timed to zero activity based on being part of the economy of lies, wants, wastes and worries. To reverse global dying by reversing CO2 sinning, we must eliminate those activities that are unnecessary to saving life on earth.

The object of timism.com to provide tools to establish, assist and promote the Manheaven Project to save life on earth. Some of these tools are mechanical, and some are philosophical. For instance, brainbees and lifehours are mechanical. CO2 sinning and Controlled Depopulation are philosophical.

The following list is long. The challenge is re-timing in an order that does not cause the overall system to crash forever, thus, dooming life on earth to death. Part of the challenge is re-timing people's thinking. If people do not change their attitudes then other changes will not occur. It is like education and the work ethic, if we don't teach the work ethic first and foremost then all teaching is wasted. Likewise, if people are not disgusted with their CO2 sinning, then all the tools in the world to save life on earth will not be used.

In general, probably what needs to be done will not be done because people will continue to be part of the problem rather than part of the solution. They won't want to question their values to change their values. Despite the growing evidence that we are failing ourselves, most people will exempt themselves from any blame by claiming others are the cause of decline and death. To wit, "If everyone was like me, there would be no problem." One hears this orchestrated at every religious service--if everyone believed in my god there would be no sinning. Will the various and different funny mentalists stop being illogical aliens to help save life on earth by re-timing their thinking and our systems? Probably not. Nonetheless ....

Optimal timism is optimism, that is, be optimistic--opt for timism.

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