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Work and Prostitution

"I feel like a whore" is a common refrain after a day of work. Why? Because people find themselves doing undesirable things because they need money. Prostitution is often viewed as selling your body to some action for money. This perception of whores is an incomplete perception, for there are two other kinds of prostitutes: the enjoyers and the controllers besides needers.

Consider yourself, your co-workers and employers within this breakdown of work: need, enjoy, and controllers. Some people prostitute themselves because they need to work. Some people prostitute themselves because they enjoy the work. The controllers are the bane of work, for they don't enjoy work as much as controlling workers, co-workers and johns.

Of the three classes of workers, the enjoyers are the lucky ones up to the point where the actions of the controllers start making work unpleasant. Everyone knows the co-worker who is stirring up trouble that engenders unneeded hardship, stress and overtime. The controller is the person who antagonizes your john which makes your work unpleasant. Summarized, regardless of where they walk, whores are sad, glad or bad.

Work is a necessary fact of life if one is to have a life. To survive, one must solve the problems of living. Problems, by definition, waste time. A good use of one's time--the only wealth that we have--is to solve the biggest problems first. The biggest problems are the needs of life--food, clothing and shelter. The lesser problems are the wants of life: obesity from wanting too much food, pollution from wanting too many clothes and isolation from wanting too big a house. The latter is typified by the modern home.

The unnatural problems facing humanity spring from controllers. The needers turn the minimum number of tricks to survive. The enjoyers sure don't create the problems as they enjoy solving problems--they are blessed with the work ethic. The controllers focus on controlling others without any regard to the final impact or balance of their actions. Controllers are, to use odd phrase, fascistic. Controllers are people whose hatred of work metamorphized into a disdain and/or hatred of others.

Controllers force the needers to work more than is needed. Controllers generate the unnecessary problems of life: Excessive wants, political pork and plain theft. Examples of controllers are politicians, advertisers and thieves.

If someone steals from you, you need to work more to replace the stolen items. If someone tricks you into wanting something that you don't need, they have stolen your time to work at something you don't need. The modern home is a monument to the lies that people will first buy before they work unnecessarily to satisfy the lies. If the impact of people buying lies were null, it would not matter. However, in a world still suffering from a growing tragedy left over from the last century and millennium, the enjoyers of work and life need to recognize the controllers and need to restrain the controllers. The enjoyers of work and life need to limit the controllers, for it is the controllers who force the needers and enjoyers to work longer weeks and delay retirement.

Whether earning your living on your feet or your back, everyone needs to work during their lifetime to meet basic survival needs. An exception is if you receive an inheritance that allows you to enslave others to work for your needs. Inheritance institutionalizes and aggravates the relationship between those who need to work and those who control. If my father gives me enough money to last a lifetime, he has given me the money to control another, for the other needs to work not only for himself but for me--see Estates Taxes: Enslavement or Emancipation.

The three types of ladies have much to say about how the American work world is organized and why America has not only a market economy but a market society--rat race. It provides a perspective on why and how the controllers trap the needers. Again, if the over-consumption of Americans were not creating a growing global environmental debt, the enjoyers of life would not need to worry about existential deficits in the needers and controllers. But it will be the enjoyers, the only true workers, who will suffer the most and have to solve the problems.

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