Bible Is The Word Of God

In a personal conversation, a lady remarked to me that the Bible is the Word of God. I noted that Barnes and Noble bookstore has over one hundred different Bibles and asked the question, "Which one is the Word of God since they are different?"

  1. Her response was, "The Bible is the Word of God. My church uses the King James Revised Edition."
  2. My response was "Since They are different, both cannot be the Word of God. Which version of the King James Bible is the Word of God?"
  3. Her response, "The Bible is the Word of God."
  4. Eventually, I ceased to exist for her as she stood there saying over and over "The Bible is the Word of God" with no response to my questions which prompted me to walk away with her fading repetition finally ending by distance, not reason.

After asking the question several ways, I realized that person's views and values were based on a lack of logic, a doodoo digester. This is an theological "Who's on first?"

When every person is your friend, both they and you have no friends . Likewise, when every book is the Word of God then you have no Word of God. However, this logic which immediately is dismissed by many who claim

  1. that different books
  2. with different teaching
  3. but the same title--Bible--
  4. are one and all the Word of God.

Bibles were written by the Jerry Falwells, Pat Robertson, Jimmy Swaggert, Jim Bakker etc of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Century. Irritating to a this writer with a deep appreciation of God's subtleties and integrity is the lack of both in those who claim to be defenders of the faith.

For the funny mentalists , the more illogical and irrational the attribute of their god, the greater the mystery of their God who works in wonderful ways. Hogwash.  This is a theological " Grosse Luge ," that is, people won't believe a little lie but they will live a big lie. This something-for-nothing, igknowant view of God is the refuge of lazy minds that do not want to do the temporal, mental, emotional and intelletual work of asking God "What Are You?"

The rewards of a maturing understanding and relationship with God has the rewards that are found in a person who stopped believing in Santa Claus despite the loss of Christmas gifts.

The Bible is like the legal laws of the land corrupted by illogical, greedy policy-makers. All the major religious tracks can be found to have been shaped an alterred by temporal authorities who wanted their power enhanced by the religious beliefs and actions of the believers.


  1. The more you know about the history of religion then the less religious you become.
  2. Agnostics and atheists, on average, know twice as much as funny mentalists about religion. If the latter took the time to open-mindedly question rather than blindly follow then they would be the former.
  3. Believing is self-deceiving.

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