Fraud is the Opposite of Freedom

For the sake of simplicity and argument, a word is needed that is the opposite of free or freedom. As work is the opposite of play and right is the opposite of wrong, what is the opposite of freedom? Within the timistic system, fraud is that word. It is similiar to freedom, and a fraud reduces one's freedom. The following examples of fraud involve the loss or theft of time by the fraudulent party from its victims.

  1. False Billing: Overcharging is taking the time behind the money.
  2. False Advertising: Lying to people to buy things that will not solve a problem.
  3. Forgery and Identity Theft: Stealing the time of another by stealing their identity and worth.
  4. Imposters: Pretending to be someone who is worth more time in the eyes of others.
  5. Pious Fraud: Stealing the time and freedom of the gullible.
  6. Predatory Lending: Like false advertising, getting people to buy something that does not solve a problem, in this case, the problem of housing.
  7. Teleliars: Imposters who read a script to pretend they are experts (better time-saving problem-solvers than they really are).

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