Heritage or Cultural Rights

Sitting in a bar in MPLS, 2002, this writer had an interesting conversation with a chocolate member of the Minneapolis Fire Department. When I raised the topic of modern day slavery in Islamic nations, he responded that he had no problem with it because it was part of their culture. That was one of the arguments used by Southerners in 1860 to justify their peculiar institution--it was their culture. Some things are not understandable, that is, how a chocolate American can defend slavery. Perhaps it is because 90%  of the Africans captured for slave trade were captured by black chiefs, kings and queens of Africa.

To justify something because it is part of some heritage or culture is another example of the logic behind someone justifying an immoral act by saying, "And, it's legal." With corrupt habitual politicians, legal laws are increasingly immoral and illogical. If it is a cancer of time it is wrong regardless of how many years or generations it was part of a wrongful culture or heritage.

Mother Nature doesn't care about past human mistakes which are the essence or summation to claims of cultural rights. Cultural heritage is like the chant of state rights with the former being the refuge of those who used states' rights as a soundbyte to defend slavery, discrimination, Jim Crow and massive resistance. As God's accountant on earth, Mother Nature is only interested in the on-going improvements or destruction of her earthly orb. Culture or heritage activities that waste time are hate crimes that should be banned.

An example of a cultural heritage that is killing life on earth is America's love affair with the automobile. The continual effort to keep alive the auto industry is like the efforts after the advent of the automobile to keep alive horse whips and horse buggies, a bunch of horse shit.

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