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As God's accountant, Mother Nature does not care what you think or believe as she does her bookkeeping on behalf of God. If you are in harmony with the truths of the true God, you will be ledgered on asset side. Oppositely, you will be listed as a deficit.

God and Mother Nature does not care what language you speak nor what image of you have created of God. If you are wrong, you are wrong with your entry being in the deficit column.

  1. All the people in the world swearing that humanity is not the cause of global dying will not change God's mind nor Mother Nature's accounting for humanity.
  2. If tomorrow everyone drives their gas-guzzlers to church to pray for the needed decline of CO2 to fulfill the primary moral imperative of saving life on earth, what will Mother Nature's bookkeeping reflect? The driving or the praying?
  3. If tomorrow the world's bankers print astronomical amount of funny paper with funny numbers to keep the speculators and wage-takers CO2 sinning, what will Mother Nature enter into her books, assets or deficits?
  4. The cost of humanity has two parts, the cost of living and the cost of wants, waste and lies. Which is entered as an asset and which as a deficit?
  5. Are the following assets or deficits to saving life on earth: Materialists , DooDoo Digesters, Funny Mentalists , Evilutionsts, and Cretinists.

While Mother Nature is God's accountant on earth, Global Dying is God's judgement after reviewing Mother Nature's accounting for human activities.

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  1. Mother Nature does not care about what you want. Mother Nature does not care about your insecure ego. Mother Nature does not care about your emotional problems or their origin. Mother Nature only cares about and tallies your damage to her world. Mother Nature does not care about your misconceptions about her and her Boss. Both care only about your damage to their world. Mother Nature does not care how many times you lie to yourself in praying to half-understandings of what God and Mother Nature are. Mother Nature does not care about your praying to get something-for-nothing, e.g., God help me or God give me. Mother Nature and God do care and tally up they damage you do each time you drive a CO2-sinning gas-guzzler on Sunday to your House of Wantship.
  2. Mother Nature, God's accountant on earth, does not care about man's inhumanity to man anymore than Mother Nature cares about jackals ganging up on a newborn calf for dinner. Mother Nature only cares about man's inhumanity to Mother Nature.
  3. You can say what you want, but Mother Nature has the final say. More than likely, if you say what you want, it is not what you need. Between your wants and your needs, Mother Nature does not care about how you lie to yourself about what you want. Mother Nature cares only about the wastes that your wants beget. (090310)
  4. A mother was increasingly ripped off by her children as the kids took money from the cookie jar. One day the cookie job was empty and the children did not have income to pay the debts for which the cookie jar had been used for downpayments.

Also see El Nino Tax and Timistic Analysis of Energy


  1. Mother nature and the ultimate escalating, non-ending reparation payment: Global Dying.
  2. Mother Nature, God's accountant on earth, does not care about man's inhumanity to man anymore than Mother Nature cares about jackals ganging up on a newborn calf for dinner. Mother Nature only cares about man's inhumanity to Mother Nature.
  3. Either we stop life-killing human activity or Mother Nature will kill humanity. Long after life on earth is gone, Mother Nature will still be here  ... just a little bit older with greyer rather than greener attire.
  4. Mother Nature: Most important personal and professional question is "What does Mother Nature want from you?" Those who answer it the best will be the last ones standing as the cycles of brainbees weed out those who did not care about Mother Nature. In general, the relevance per issue within a brainbee increases with each level. Via its various brainbees, the Manheaven Commission will summarize a winnowing process of those who are part of the problem rather than the solution. Each survival is a better voter of who is time creator rather than a time cancer.
  5. Where are we going to find the energy to fight climate change is like saying where are we going to find more rapists to stop rape Mother Nature.
  6. Humans can live beyond their means only for so long before Mother Nature says, "Excuse me, but these are not only my rules but they are the only and final rules." Those who think they are the exception to Mother Nature's rules are ruefully self-deceiving as they blissfully and ignorantly await the verdict of Mother Nature's death panels.
  7. Generality on D2D : People who live beyond their means. To efficiently and effectively save life on earth, Mother Nature cannot afford people who have a track record of living beyond their financial, emotional, and mental means. Sad for some. Joy for most.
  8. Whether you are a CO2-sinner from stupidity, naivete, igknowance or hypocrisy, Mother Nature does not care as she increasingly kills all human beings.

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