Honor System

Part of the goal of better democracy and capitalism is to bring about a world with more honor. Within our world are small spaces where the benefits of honor are evident--Washington and Lee University. With the decline of our problem-solving systems--an existential meltdown--many people find themselves forced to do the dishonorable thing. This on-line system for a better world rest on people using it to honorably and honestly record their problem-solving time. Many avenues are open for the "cheat:" to cheat. However, the amazing thing about an automated honor system is how it can automatically find the cheats, e.g., the rampant plagiarism violating the honor system of another Virginia university. Those who would dishonor and emburden a system for better democracy and capitalism deserve none of the benefits:

  • Elections: No participation in any of the on-line brain bees.
  • Home loans : No reduced home owner costs.
  • Insurance : You cannot join any of the mutual insurance companies that will have the best rates
  • Health care: No participation in a better health care system.
  • Tuition : No tuition reduction, past or future.
  • Tax relief: You cannot have taxes reduced by volunteer activity. Lifehour tax credits revoke forever with no opportunity to earn them again.

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