Index to Means and Meaningful Essays

Means Comparison Table: Mean, Meaningless and Meaningful

Area Mean Meaningless Meaningful

Morality of More Time

Morality Immoral Amoral Moral
Religions Devils Christian Christlike
Needs Needy Harmer Helper
Humanity Non-Human Sub-Human Human
Logic Illogical Aliens Silent Majority Logical Earthlings
Something for Nothing Nothing Less and less Something
Moneytheism 30 pieces of silver More or less Moralist
Time Manager Time- Wanton Time-Waster Time-Wise
Altruism Thieves Pollyannas Good Samaritan
Truths Ignore Accept Question
Means and End Means Don't Matter End Justifies Means Means=End
Responsibility Irresponsible Irresponsible Responsible
Respectability Despicable Unrespectable Respectable


Policy-making Despotism Party Faithful Democracy
Diplomacy Imperialist Colonizer Commonwealth

Ecos Nomos

Home Management Necronomics Necronomics Ecosnomos
Wages Wage-Takers Strikers/MinimumWagers Wage-Earners
Families Prolitter Anti-Abortion ProEarth
Theft Thief Accessory Preventer
Cost of Humanity Waste Wants of self-lying Needs for living
Currency Money Money Monetarism Lifehours
Wealth Misfit Unfit Profits
Wellness Wealthfare Welfare Welloff


Attitude Defective Subjective Objective
Matter Whatever Opinions Facts
Facts Destroyer Daisy-chainer Integrator
Happiness Stealing Lying Honest
Truth Stupid igknowant Knowledge
Caring Care Taker Careless Careful
Time Path Loser Cheerloser Leader
Comments Insults Flatters Compliments
Values Arsonist Materialist Mentalist
Intimacy Rape Lust Love


Life Cancer Cancer Catalyst Creative


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