WASTE: Students and College

Benefits of 24 in 4:

Career Security ... Career Freedom ... Shorter Workweek
...Lower Taxes ... Less Crime

Dear College Student:(1)

Of the 1994 graduates, 35% will never find a job in their career field.(2) College graduates waiting tables is a cliche.

aWill things get better? Are you a graduate student trying to avoid the inevitable by staying in school? More likely than not you are merely increasing your student loans and future underemployment. More education for career security is not the solution in an over-populated world burdened with over-educated, underemployed bankruptcy candidates.

This trend reflects the necronomics of government policies. 24 in 4 is the cure to your worst career nightmare: no job and bankruptcy-bound debts.

A college degree used to be a ticket into the middle class. No more. Between 1980 and 1994 the middle class had to work 6 more weeks annually to maintain their standard of living. At the same time, many college grads fell out of middle class into poverty.

Necronomic policies mean you will either be working more for less or working less for nothing. Each year we have worked more hours to pay taxes. Currently, we work 16 of 40 hours each week to pay taxes--only 24 hours do we work for ourselves. We work many hours to pay excessively high interest rates.

A major problem facing young adults is that they can't find a job for which they are qualified. Too many college graduates wait tables or flip burgers. It doesn't have to be this way.

If you do nothing, the initial option in each of the following is yours. If you put in some time each week promoting the 24 in 4 program--you can have the second, italicized, option.

1. Necronomics: The Killing Laws vs. 24 in 4: Better Democracy and Capitalism

2. Career Ceilings: Underemployment on the lower rungs of career ladders at low pay.vs. Higher steps with higher hourly compensation to fill the voids of a 24-hour workweek.

3. Career Immobility: In 1993, 2,000,000 lost their employer-based benefits. Many keep jobs they hate because of the benefits vs. Universal payroll-based benefits allow career freedom and mobility.

4. Career Politics: More job harassment, that is, give in or lose promotions to those who do vs. Job security without fear of sexual harassment or racial bias.

5. Career Stress: Unemployment fears behind stress illness and less patience vs. More people will be happy.

6. High interest loans: Waste your money vs. Refinance loans at 1%, e.g., student loans.

7. Crime: Unemployment and underemployment fosters violence and crime vs. Violence will be less a part of your life as people find jobs and hope.

8. Taxes: They will continue to rise each year, currently at the rate of 1% annually. The problems have not receded vs. Involving people in solving their own problems will reduce the tax burden.

For the benefits of 24 in 4 invest some time to create a better job market for yourself when you graduate. A few minutes each week spent on the 24 in 4 campaign can give you 16 hours a week of quality time for the rest of your life.


Robert S. Barnett

Dear College Professors, Administrators and Staff,

Please review the 24 in 4 program. No other program offers you better career and personal benefits. Currently, the academic community is suffering from necronomics, that is, the killing laws.

Apart from the rise in violent crime, necronomics is killing academia. Career-intimidated students don't come to school to learn but to get a job--this kills the intellectual freedom and potential of universities. Necronomics is killing tenure and sabbaticals. How many good professors have been stymied by financial exigencies? We can reverse the necronomics of decline and decay.

The broad benefits of the 24 in 4 program are reduced crime, lower taxes and no inflation. Specific benefits to you are as follows:

1. Loan Refinancing: You will be able to refinance your house, your car, your installment loans, your credit card debt and your student loans to 1%.

2. Customer Base Expansion: Part of the 24 in 4 program is a conversion of half the time savings into community service and continuing education. In principle, if we encourage people to participate in solving their problems on the local level through the 24 in 4 program, we will have fewer national problems. The 24 in 4 program brings the power back home for better, faster problem-solving. This means more people will take college classes. With more spare time, they can. What does this mean to you? An expanded student base who will support rather than oppose educational bills.

In summary, if you help 24 in 4, you help yourself. The quality of the world we live in depends on the quality of higher education. The benefits of 24 in 4 will come quickest with your help.


Robert S. Barnett

1. Various letters have been written to groups to show how the central theme and means of worksharing can benefit them. For this reason, some redundancy in content is unavoidable.

2. "Bellboys with B.A.s," Time, Nov. 22, 1993, pg 36. Noted 30% in 1993.

Warning: Anyone found stealing lifehours will be forever banned from participation in and rewards of Better Democracy and Capitalism.


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