Benefits of 24 in 4:
Universal Wage-Based Coverage ... Individual Responsibility
Thriving Communities ... Lower Local Taxes

Political Promises and Healthcare

Can a country promise citizens insurance coverage more than the average citizen's lifetime income? No, but habitual politicians seeking re-election promise the sky and the moon with smoke and mirrors. If the GNP goes for healthcare, what money will be left for food, clothing and housing? Which health system will cost a country less: (a) one that has a government bureaucrat for every 50 citizens or (b) one that requires and supports self-responsibility for healthcare through a national payroll system? Which will require greater taxes? Which will lead to a shorter workweek?

Habitual Politicians' Healthcare Nightmare

If deficit-busting politicians give each citizen $1,000,000 for healthcare, will healthcare improve? As with disaster relief funds, the number of problem-solvers will not increase but the fly-by-nighters will make a killing. People currently irresponsible for their healthcare will not improve with more government handouts.

If you like foodstamp/welfare fraud, you will like healthcare fraud, the same "give me" people will trade a new tax/deficit support for drugs and booze.

If you like long waits and high prices in doctors' offices, you will like it when the number of patients increase by 100% while the number of practitioners remains the same.

If you like the 7.6% FICA/Medicare tax, you will like the 8% to 14% percent tax the habitual politicians want to put on your wages.

If you like higher consumer prices, you will like the higher prices that busines ses charge to collect a national healthcare tax.

If you like fewer services, you will like the businesses that close down because they can't/won't pay health insurance cost.

If you want to kill the economy, national healthcare is necronomics--the killing laws--at its worse.

If you like more deficits, taxes and bureaucrats, you will like the habitual politicians' healthcare nightmare.

Lackeys' Reforms Kill Economy

For the lack of a nail, a shoe was lost.
For the lack of a shoe, a horse was lost.
For the lack of a horse, a message was lost.
For the lack of the message, the war was lost.
For the lack of self-responsibility, a politicized national healthcare was conceived.
For the lack of foresight, business was required further to babysit employees' well-being.
For the lack of something-for-nothing, a 14% payroll tax was imposed.
For the lack of 14% profit, services were cut and prices were raised.
For the lack of need and customers, employees were fired and benefits were terminated.
For the lack of requiring self-responsibility, employment necrosed, healthcare comatosed and business decomposed.

Democratic, Capitalistic Reform

The most efficient and cost effective system is one of self-responsibility. The following is the simplest universal healthcare system. Each person chooses a level of care. Payment is a percentage of wages and lifehours* of community problem-solving.

Kindly keep in mind that the community service hours will be within the context of a 24-hour workweek. With 24 in 4, people will have more time for self, family and community.

Level of






$ 10,000




$ 25,000




$ 45,000




$ 70,000




$ 95,000












Deductibles are in hours of wages, i.e., 40 hours of earnings, If you earn $100 an hour, your deductible is $4000. If minimum wage, then your deductible is under $200. People, rich or poor, value their lifehours, their time, more than they do their dollars. Costs or fines in lifehours is more equality than in dollars.

If you make no claims, your wage rate decreases by .5% each year till at half rate. Lifehour community contribution does not decrease. If you deplete insurance reserve, rate increases by 25% up to double.

No bureaucratic drain for overhead to drive up total healthcare costs--these individuals can engage in gainful employment elsewhere.

Individuals will adopt healthier lifestyles to avoid higher weekly withholding. They will manage their health for a more active, concerned response in healthcare.

Competitiveness in the healthcare industry will reflect the personal interest in medical cost as a way of reducing personal lifeterm expenses.

Professionals practice within a free market. We continue the world's best delivery system.

The minimum wage person giving 7% of earnings and 7 lifehours receives maximum benefits.

If able-bodied persons choose not to help make the community better, should the community provide free healthcare that effectively raises prices for and delays/denies service to the self-responsible?

Part and parcel to this community service based healthcare system is the funneling of the funds created by the Federal Reserve System through the health care industry rather than the banking institution.

Healthcare: Community Service
Volunteering in community would increase with a reduced workweek? Y N
Currency growth should be via community service for health care costs? Y N
Lifehour credits unify the symbols and substance in solving problems? Y N
24 in 4 will give people more time for self, family and community? Y N

Warning: Anyone found stealing lifehours will be forever banned from participation in and rewards of Better Democracy and Capitalism.

Healthcare: Any kid can get any treatment if willing to work for it: contact lenses, orthodontics, lazer surgery, ...


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