By the year 2000, our misemployment policies will raise taxes, inflation, crime and unemployment. All-or-none employment gambles with the future like drinking a glass of AIDS-infected blood. Our economy is less immune to a stressful, unstable world.

A healthier approach is sharing employment. Let the unemployed feed, shelter and clothe themselves rather than use the tax/deficit system for their support. More taxes and deficits feed a fatal economic virus.

Fools attempt to redistribute wealth through taxes. Bigger fools use deficits. Wiser and fairer is the redistribution of employment time through work sharing.

Taxes fund unemployment. Workers lose 40% of weekly employment to taxes: 16 hours. Our unemployment policies increase taxpayer work time and jobless wait time.

Who would benefit from targeting
a 24-hour workweek?

Dear Employed, Do you like career Russian Roulette? For guaranteed employment and promotions, support a 24-hour workweek. If your boss can't work 40 hours, someone will be promoted to work in his absence.

Dear Unemployed, Programs or Jobs: Which gives permanent employment? One requires repayment with higher taxes. The other involves no debt. Deficit-bloating national service is not a solution.

Dear Under- and Mis-Employed, Do you like working overtime in a job below your potential? Work sharing will create employment steps on your career ladder.

Dear Aged, Do you want a declining work force supporting your retirement? You won't win a generational war fought over slicing a smaller economic pie. Look at Russia's retirees. Are you ready for the crimes of more unemployment? Idle minds are the workshop of the devil.

Dear Future Retirees, Will paper contracts guarantee your pension and benefits with worsening unemployment? Not so far.

Dear Parents, How much time do you want with your family? The 24-hour workweek will solve (a) missed kids needing child care (b) older children working 60-hour weeks, and (c) unemployed offspring living at home.

Dear Patriots, Need our defense suffer mass discharge? Reducing the workweek can keep all trained personnel. If we need 40 million hours of defense preparation during peace time, which is better for future crises: 1,000,000 personnel working 40 hours or 1,666,666 working 24 hours? In a crisis, which policy will quickly provide 80 million hours of professional skill?

Dear Defenders, Where's your peace dividend? You can have employment with a reduced workweek or have unemployment with no job openings.

Dear Corporate Leaders, How much has your company suffered from the brain drain  of RIFs and early outs? Like the military, your short-term gain from forced unemployment is lost to reduced human resources and customer demand.

Dear Business Owner, Well, more overtime and taxes or more employees and profits? The solution entails redirecting benefits from common funds to individual accounts, e.g., IRA's. With work sharing, businesses have more talented employees who are not burned out from over-work and over-worry. Restructuring for permanent stability costs less than the chaos from chronic unemployment.

Dear Taxpayer, What's your buck's bang? Public bureaucracies dilute a dollar's problem-solving power. Bureaucrats' budgets solve fewer problems than workers' paychecks. Work sharing increases private problem solving ... if individual responsibility is championed. Share the work with more time off or through higher taxes.

Dear Welfare Recipients and Workers, An increasingly necrotic economy means no funds for payments or jobs. Welfare reform requires workweek reform.

Dear Public Servant, Do you know the new temps add to your workload? Will an economy of tax-recipients foster job and pension security?

Dear Health Professional, Private or taxed system? As employment fades, career stability depends more on tax dollars. Are taxes on healthcare benefits the answer? Look what boat taxes did to boating.

Dear Managers, Is understaffing with overworked, burned-out subordinates your career goal? Select your security: (a) manage 40 hours until computers replace you, or, (b) manage 24 hours with computers helping you. Intelligent chips create the trend and end state of Managing Without Managers.

Dear Advertisers, Where are the buyers? Shared work will balance the economy for lasting stability and consumer confidence.

Dear Productivity Leaders, Have your time-saving ideas metastasized unemployment hardship? If gains reduce the time to create wealth by 10%, should unemployment rise by 10% or could the workweek shrink by 10%? As fewer people benefit from your time-savings, your safety declines. The current time savings of productivity gains are less than the time losses of unemployment: crime, bureaucracy, inflation, illness and deficits.

Dear Environmentalists, People ignore the consequences of their actions because they don't have time to reflect. 24-in-4 is a universal panacea to saving the habitat.

Dear Civil Rightist, Employment is the key to equality. Shared work will do more than more laws and litigation. A violent economic civil war can be avoided with 24-in-4.

Dear Bankers, How many points reside in a national loan re-financing for full employment? Or, will you refinance by writing off loans for the unemployed? You've re-financed homes: Why not employment?

Dear Workplace Victims, More overstressed, co-workers means more workplace accidents and murders: necronomics.

Dear Politicians, Will taxing or borrowing $100,000 for an unreal job save the country and your re-election? Habitual politicians need budget deficits to fund their re-elections with budget busting make-believe jobs. Reduce the workweek by 10% to create a void for the 10% unemployed. You re-financed the S&L's to prevent national catastrophe. We need a National Refinance Association to extend debt obligations to meet cash flow reductions of a shared workweek. The benefits: full employment, lower taxes, and lower crime.

Who's over-revving our economic vehicle in 4th gear with unenlightened unemployment policies? The engine will blow without a shift into overdrive: worksharing. Who are the dismal back-seat drivers maladvising us? As the field of journalism renamed itself based on its evolving nature--mass communications--so should economists adopt new, appropriate monikers: necronomists advising necronomics.

By the year 2000, we can have a 24-hour workweek by better employing our human problem-solving potential with a gain, not a loss, in disposable income and time. Our gamble is not shared sacrifices; it is shared decline or shared work.

If you feed a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach him to fish, you feed him for a lifetime ... if fishing is shared. The 24-hour workweek is better, calmer fishing.

If you teach a man self-esteem, you affirm him for a day. If you teach him to work, you affirm him for a lifetime. Happiness is a work ethic thing. The 24-hour workweek offers real work to oust the idle minds from the devil's workshop, minds concocting deadly, costly problems: necronomics, the killing laws.

Necronomics: The Killing Laws
Economics and economists should be called necronomics and necronomists? Y N
24 in 4 is the basis for ending the killing laws ... better ecos nomos? Y N

Warning: Anyone found stealing lifehours will be forever banned from participation in and rewards of Better Democracy and Capitalism.


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