Necronomics or Economics?

It's your time and dollars. How do you want to solve underemployment?

A. Work 2 more hours each week to fund a 1-hour "tax program" job and a bureaucratic desk job for the friends of a habitual politician,
B. Work 2 fewer hours to create a 2-hour real job, having more time for self, family and community?

Each hour of "workweek" reduction creates 140,000,000 hours of labor shortfall and catalyzes promotions. A company's labor costs do not increase within the 24 in 4 agenda.

Each time your taxes go up, you are working less time for yourself. Why do your taxes go up? Because you won't let the unemployed work so you end up feeding, clothing and sheltering them as well as suffering diluted healthcare and violent crimes.

Can business adapt to a shorter workweek? It did when our grandfathers took the workweek from 80 to 40 hours. It is currently reducing the workweek--Read the classified ads. Public and private business have been downscaling, temp'ing, etc., in a haphazard, necronomic way for years. With 24 in 4, a company's labor costs remain the same ... or, decrease. Which do you think businesses would prefer to adapt to: more taxes, crime, interest, regulations and inflation? Or, a shorter workweek?

Entrepreneurs, the true job creators, are exempted from these workweek guidelines. However, to benefit from some aspects of 24 in 4, e.g., healthcare, they would need to fulfill a community service. A goal of 24 in 4 is to provide more people with the opportunity and motivation to start their own entrepreneurial effort, an effect that will increase the solving of human problems.

Why is the 24 in 4 program real? Solving our problems will eliminate the loss of money, time and life. Tax recipients become taxpayers. Let us use technology to improve our lifehours rather than kill us: economics instead of necronomics.

Models or Paradigms of Employment
I prefer to work less to create a real job than work twice as much for a tax job? Y N
Business can adapt more easily to new workweek laws than economic collapse? Y N
24 in 4 is not something for nothing, for it solves time-wasting problems? Y N

Warning: Anyone found stealing lifehours will be forever banned from participation in and rewards of Better Democracy and Capitalism.


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